What are the tips for wearing oversized cardigans?

What are the tips for wearing oversized cardigans?

An oversized cardigan that combines relaxation and elegance and is ideal for subtle temperatures.

Its long, supple silhouette creates a sense of relaxation and softness that is difficult to achieve with outerwear such as jackets and riders.
Oversized cardigans are also easy to layer and are useful for loose and rough outfits.

This time, we would like to introduce the "Cotton Nylon Vintage Broad Over Cardigan" released by STRUM this season.

Tips on how to wear it (1): Choose an item that fits your height and build.

The key to wearing an over-cardigan fashionably is to choose an item that suits your body, such as your height and build.

The length of an over-cardigan, which greatly affects the impression it gives, should be between the thigh line and five centimeters below the knee. If the length is shorter than the thigh line, it may look half-hearted and unrefined. On the other hand, if the length is longer than 5 cm below the knee, it will be difficult to keep a good balance in styling.

The size should be neither too tight nor too loose, and should have a moderately relaxed feel.
Make sure that the arms and chest are not too tight and snug with the front closed tightly, and that the cardigan does not look loose and sloppy.

This will add a sense of balance to the styling and is a shortcut to a fashionable outfit.

In this coordination, the leather is worn as an inner layer, but it can also be worn over a cut-and-sew by rolling up the arms or other arrangements!

Dressing tip 2: Determine the appropriate silhouette and length of bottoms depending on the outfit.

For a clean and neat look, choose slim-fit bottoms, and for a relaxed and loose look, choose wide-leg bottoms.

For this time's coordinate, slim-fit bottoms were chosen.
The legs are hemmed into boots to eliminate cushioning.
This is to keep the bottoms as slim as possible, since the tops are voluminous with a rider's jacket and oversized cardigan.

Once the coordination is completed by determining the silhouette and length of the bottoms that match the oversized cardigan, all that remains is to set the innerwear and shoes that match the mood of the day.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 178cm/55kg

STL064-05 ( Wearing size M)

STC149-02 (size M)

STC140-01 (Wearing size M)

STJ002-SN02 (Wearing size 30 inches)


STB006-01 (Wearing size 27cm)