What are some tips for dressing with wide denim pants?

What are some tips for dressing with wide denim pants?

Advantages of incorporating wide denim into your coordinate

The advantages of wide denim in a coordinate are that it can create a masculine, mature, and relaxed atmosphere with a good loose fit. Moreover, since they do not pick up the lines of the body, they can be easily incorporated without worrying about one's body shape.
Once you get the hang of creating the silhouette and tucking them in, you can wear them in a stylish way that is as good as slim-fit denim.

In this issue, we are pleased to introduce the " 10 oz. Organic Cotton Stretch Denim Easy Lyla 3D Easy Wide" to show you how to wear it!

Dressing Tip 1: Change the look of wide denim pants with the hem treatment and shoes.

Roll them up to bring the center of gravity to the bottom for a good balance.

Wide denim pants have a strong overall presence due to their silhouette, so it is important to use a technique to balance the look by rolling them up. Rolling up the jeans lowers the center of gravity to the bottom in terms of appearance and volume, creating a well-balanced look.
In this case, the shoes to be worn on the feet should definitely be authentic work-style logger boots that have volume to match the pants.

Full-length, cushioned, and rough

Taking advantage of the characteristics of Easy L, which has a strong 3D twist, a full-length cushion is created, and by adding sneakers, a look that emphasizes roughness can be created.

Since there are other ways to achieve balance besides rolling up, choose the best styling by considering the overall coordination and other factors.

Dressing tip (2) The overall impression of the outfit is determined by the material and silhouette of the tops.

Whether you choose a short-length or long-length top will completely change the look of the coordinated outfit.
If the upper half of the body is kept compact, such as by wearing a double rider or tucking in a T-shirt, as shown in this coordinate, the wide denim emphasizes the crispness of the body and creates an A-line silhouette.

Conversely, if you wear an oversized coat or a long coat, the larger silhouette will resonate to create a loose I-line silhouette.

One of the pleasures of wide denim coordination is to think about how to match tops according to one's mood and personal styling preferences on any given day.

Dressing Tip #3: Make the hem of the innerwear and the hem of the bottom work together.

The hemming of wide denim pants has a large impact on the coordination described in "Dressing Tips 1". Similarly, how you dress the hem of your innerwear is also an important point for wearing wide denim pants in a fashionable way.

When wide denim pants are rolled up, as in the image below, tucking them out naturally without accentuating the inner lining gives a mature impression.

When wearing full-length jeans with sneakers, tuck the innerwear lightly into the bottom so that the center of gravity is at the waist, creating a stylish high-waisted look that is very current.

Enjoy Fashion!


Model: 178cm/55kg

STL064-05 ( size M)

STC144-02 (Wearing size M)

STJ004-EP01 (Wearing size 30 inches)


SSB002-01 (Wearing size US8)