3 Royal Men's Codes for T-shirts and Jeans!

3 Royal Men's Codes for T-shirts and Jeans!

What are the tips for wearing a stylish T-shirt and jeans?

The combination of a T-shirt and jeans, which should be called the royal summer coordinate, is a sure-fire way to look fresh no matter who wears it.
However, it is not just a matter of matching a T-shirt and jeans to look fashionable.

So this time, we will introduce three tips to make " T-shirts and jeans" fashionable!

Dressing Tips 1: Use baggy denim with a moderately loose fit for a casually fashionable look.

The skinny jeans craze of a few years ago has died down, and jeans with an authentic straight silhouette are now attracting attention.
In particular, the " GRANDBUGGY" baggy jeans with a washed look that exudes a sense of coziness can be worn in a nadir style with a loose fit to achieve the perfect coordinate for today's fashion trends.

The reason why the T-shirtand baggy jeans look somewhat stylish is because of the silhouette of the bottoms. The overall choice of thick, loose-fitting jeans adds a subtle seasonal touch.
Although thick jeans can make you look dowdy, if you wear them smartly and with consideration for the length, you can create a fashionable, mature styling, so please give them a try.

Dressing Tip #2: Elevate your look with fashionable accessories

A simple men's coordinate of a plain T-shirt and jeans tends to leave you feeling somewhat lacking. Just by adding small accessories that accentuate the styling, you can aim to elevate the look.
Since the styling is simple, bracelets, necklaces, wallet chains, sunglasses, etc., are acceptable as long as they match the taste.

Be careful not to pile too many high-impact items on top of each other, as this will create a cluttered look and detract from the subtlety and accentuation of the outfit.

Dressing tip 3: Complete a fresh coordinate with well-designed jeans.

If you want to enhance the stylishness of the T-shirt and jeans outfit, it is effective to use jeans with a high design.
The " 1977 " jeans we picked up have a variety of processing, such as damage, repair, and bleaching. Since these jeans have a different presence from ordinary denim and jeans, just one pair of jeans can create an overwhelming sense of individuality.

Just by wearing a pair of jeans with a high level of design, a simple T-shirt outfit can be transformed into a fresh and expressive coordinate.

Enjoy Fashion!


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