2017.11.19 Styling

2017.11.19 Styling

Today's styling.

Egypt Snap Lamb Full Vegetable Tannin Jacket (STL042-01)

Tasmanian wool brushed washer pants

New Zealand Lamb Full Vegetable Tannins Grinning Double Riders Boots

Geogenous full tannin bull double ring narrow belt

The only tanner in Japan, this leather jacket is made from Egyptian lamb leather tanned with full tannins.

This is a rare variety of lamb, and after tanning the skin of a lamb within the first year of life with full tannin, raise the crust once, snap the shavings one by one (buffing with paper to uneven rubbing), and then again. Drum back and dye.

After that, by soaking it in plenty of oil, it ages over time and permeates the entire leather, becoming a horse mackerel enough to wear.