Pick up 3 tips for dressing men's outfits in early summer!

As the temperature rises, men's fashion will begin to shift from spring to summer.

Focusing on seasonal men's coordination, we will introduce tips, silhouettes and details that you want to keep in mind, and points to make your outfit.

Tips for dressing ①: Promise to produce a spring-like "seasonal feeling" with bright tones

If you want to create a sense of the season, we promise to incorporate items with bright colors and tones.
For this outfit, we will add points to the standard spring and summer men's colors such as white and blue.
It is ◎ to incorporate in a conservative area, such as brightening the tone of only one or two items so as not to give a feeling of TOO MUCH.

As for the color items, a blue zipper shirt is incorporated to create a refreshing look unique to early summer outfits.
I usually want to increase the volume of my feet with boots, but I chose sneakers with an emphasis on lightness.

STRUM model made using terrestrial oil calf based on 1ST G Jean

Genuine calf cowhide leather is chrome tanned and oil-finished for elasticity, soft, moist and matte finish.

Designed based on the 1st G Jean, the jacket is casual and STRUM-like , and the front yoke is three-dimensional and integrated with the buttons on the chest pocket.

An item that plays an active role as a light outer and an inner in winter.

Tips for dressing (2): Dare to tighten with "black" for a modern style. The colors are "white" and "blue".

The black tightening power that gives a modern impression to your outfit.
For the outer, choose a light design with STRUM's classic oil calf, G Jean type, and if you put the inner in black and chic, you can easily complete a stylish style that is casual but has a calm atmosphere for adults.

The inner hem and cuffs are layered as a whole, so you can see the white glimpse, so the whole does not look heavy. + By wrapping a check shirt around your waist, you can make your waist look higher and aim for a vertical and leg length effect.

Tips for dressing ③: A light shirt that can be worn lightly on top of a T-shirt will continue to be a must-have item!

Spring season with different temperatures between day and night. It's easy to carry during the day, and on a slightly chilly night, put it on your T- shirt. It is convenient to have one outerwear that can be used in such a way.

Depending on the time, I would like to use the leather G Jean type,
Another recommendation is the blue zipper shirt that is active this time.
If it's chilly and easy to wash without worrying about wrinkles, put it on a cut-and-sew, and if it's hot, wrap it diagonally around your body.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg