COORDINATE 2020.12.15

COORDINATE 2020.12.15

Autumn / winter coordination made with a large-format stole.

An excellent item "stall" that is a classic scroll mainly for winter and brings a stylish feeling around the face not only as a cold protection tool but also by simply rolling it quickly.

It reflects various effects depending on the material and color pattern, and creates an elegant outfit for adults.
From STRUM this time, we will introduce a large format type by picking up.

Stole coordination technique ① : Large-format stole is a gem that enhances the fashionable feeling of men's coordination with no gimmick

A large-format stole that can be worn just by hanging it roughly.
Without having to struggle to arrange the winding method, it enhances the fashionable feeling of the outfit with no gimmick.

If the arrangement that appears in the fashionable muffler winding course seems strange and doesn't look right, why not recheck the large-format muffler and wide long muffler?

Coordination tech of stall ②: A small face effect is achieved by wrapping the stall around the volume and incorporating it into the coordination.

The small face effect can be obtained by giving a three-dimensional effect around the neck, which is a big attraction of scrolls such as mufflers and stoles.

If it is a loosely knit muffler, a large format type, or an item that can be rolled around, you can achieve a small face effect while adjusting the overall balance of the styling. If you want a tighter impression, the black muffler is recommended.

Horsehide "JOEY" Double Riders Jacket with a semi-glossy and moist texture

Emphasis is placed on softening the horsehide, and after tanning while adding OIL, the same amount of OIL is added and dyed.

Therefore, it is finished in a leather jacket with a semi-glossy moist texture and surprisingly softness.

Stall coordination ③: Let's master how to use it like an outerwear like a poncho

Of course, you can use the stall as a sense-up, but if you put it on the leather jacket like a poncho, the leather jacket will protect you from the cold and the stall will keep you warm.

Some techniques such as fastening the neck with a pin are required, but it is also a nice point that it is practical and low cost.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg