COORDINATE 2020.12.19

COORDINATE 2020.12.19

Autumn / winter coordination made with remake denim shirts.

"Denim shirt" that can be expected to be widely used as a standard item

We will introduce the technique of dressing with such a denim shirt, choosing items to match because it is a classic, and finishing it with an arrangement.

Denim shirt coordination tech ① : Make denim on denim coordination with denim shirts and denim pants!

Denim on denim style, which is a representative of rugged styling. The combination of G Jean and denim pants is a standard, but the option is to practice it with a denim shirt.

You can wear it as a denim shirt or as a denim-on-denim style. What's more, the remake denims match the upper and lower atmospheres, and the feeling of being rugged is 120%!

Denim shirt coordination tech (2): The naughty feeling of the top and bottom of denim is a leather jacket for adults to wear.

For those who think it's a little too naughty to dress as an adult man with a dignified mood, a leather jacket with beautiful eyes is perfect.

Denim on denim often feels like a high hurdle, but if you align the inners with blue x blue top and bottom like this coordination and shift the color with the black leather jacket, the hurdle of how to incorporate it will go down sharply. Haz.

Horsehide "JOEY" double riders jacket with a semi-glossy and moist texture.

Since it is dyed with OIL for flexibility, it has a semi-glossy and moist texture, but horse leather has more scratches than cowhide, and when dyed, it has a radial pattern peculiar to horse leather. There is unevenness.

A gem that can be said to be a leather jacket that has both the goodness of a beautiful adult atmosphere and the rugged masculineness.

Denim shirt coordination ③: Improve your sense with goods of similar colors.

In autumn / winter coordination, it tends to look cold when the neck is open, but nowadays, I feel that fashion is more important for bandana users to cover their mouths rather than their necks.

By putting in engineer boots of similar colors, the fashionable feeling improves at once!
Of course, the standard black is also ◎, but if you dare to match the colors of the goods, you can get a sense of unity.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg