COORDINATE 2020.12.22

COORDINATE 2020.12.22

Autumn / winter coordination made with black denim pants.

"Black denim" that tightens styling in a cool and urban way

It has an urban atmosphere that is different from indigo blue denim, and is ideal for modern styles without the impression of being too casual. In particular, the discolored type gives a feeling of mellowness, and the damaged type gives a sharp edge, creating a rocky mood.

This time, we will focus on "black denim" scheduled to be released next year and introduce the coordination with autumn / winter items.

Black denim coordination (1): Black denim is an excellent item that can play a supporting role if you play the leading role.

There are various shapes and discolorations, but what all black denim has in common is that it has a high potential to tighten the style and add an urban mood.

In a beautiful style, you can improve your skills with a modern style while giving a good feeling, and in a casual style, you can create a cool and stylish atmosphere.

Black denim coordination tech ②: Combine black denim and a single leather jacket to enjoy the difference in texture.

A stylish outfit that combines black denim and just-sized black single riders.
A hard-eyed style that makes you feel the chic adult's leeway while wearing a strange and rocky style of material selection while keeping the whole body black.

A cyclone-based, tight yet mobile, beautifully textured leather jacket with a terrestrial full tannin steer.

By adding oil firmly from the tanning stage and dyeing with original oil when dyeing the product, the texture is elastic and the supple yet rugged look is strong.

The more you wear it, the softer and firmer you can enjoy the taste and texture of the leather jacket.

Denim shirt coordination ③: Add a rock item to add an accent to one tone.

First of all, by adding a bandana to the legs (better around the knees), you can add lightness and accent to the all-black look.

The wallet chain plays an indispensable role to further enhance the rock atmosphere.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg