COORDINATE 2021.1.10

COORDINATE 2021.1.10

Coordination for winter dressing with leather jacket and hoody.

Now that the mixed style of dress and casual has gained citizenship in men's fashion, it is a layered "leather jacket x hoody" that makes a difference.

This time, we will focus on the coordination of "leather jacket x hoody" and introduce the use of goods.

Coordination Tech (1): Just add a hood to the outer neckline to emphasize the sports mix at once.

The hoody, an item that fits a variety of haori items, from classic coats to casual jackets, as well as sports outerwear, creates a feeling of mellowness as intended.

By placing the hood on the outer neckline, a sporty spice is applied, and a modern coordination that blends the hard impression of a leather jacket with the casualness of a hoody.

STRUM style coach jacket B STAR that incorporates the details of the riders

An adult coach jacket that is not too casual in the STRUM style, with a slightly loose width, layered comfort, sharp sleeves, and rider's details.

Raw sheep leather less than one year old is chrome tanned in Italy,
Using lamb's raw leather, which has a finer texture than sheep, the texture and texture of the lamb are carefully finished.

Coordination Tech (2): Hoody demonstrates high potential for wearing Imadoki's oversized outerwear.

From maison brands to fast fashion, oversized outerwear is now sweeping the streets. It is an item hoody that demonstrates high potential even for oversized outerwear that is thrilling now.

If the outerwear doesn't feel awkward with the hood out, the layered look will be smart and create a sophisticated atmosphere as intended. If you're tired of the oversized outerwear that attracts a lot of attention, why not consider layering with Hoody when choosing items?

Coordination tech ③: The role of goods that are important points is essential for a hoody with plenty of space.

Since I chose TOPS for a little oversize, there is a big presence in the black outfit that takes up a large area in order to bring my eyes up (because I look short or my head does not look big). Necklaces with a feeling and sunglasses with dark-colored lenses are ◎

In addition, the baseball cap is an item made with a coach jacket and hoody that further enhances the sporty atmosphere. I want to put on a casual feeling with "naughtyness" by dare to wear it on the contrary.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg