COORDINATE 2021.1.12

COORDINATE 2021.1.12

Winter coordination using a long coat.

"Long coat" that determines the image of the style itself with a length that has plenty of profound feeling

Not only does it create a profound and fashionable mood, but now that the mix style has become a standard, the range of dressing and coordination has expanded dramatically.

This time, I will introduce how to wear a long coat.

Coordinating tech (1): Oversized long coats are different from each other in terms of looseness and lightness.

Without a relaxed atmosphere and lightness, oversized long coats tend to give the impression of a light red coat.

If you want to take advantage of the loose silhouette and gentle shoulder line, it is important to give your side a moderately loose atmosphere.
The loose-fitting overalls that match the inner are perfect for this outfit.

On the contrary, it is counterproductive if you get serious about styling and dressing. While sticking to a beautiful finish, it differentiates itself with a sense of omission, mellowness, and lightness that incorporates a mixed style.

A sexy overcoat that even adults can wear

Manufactured in oversize that can be worn over the riders. Until now, this model was developed only with leather "RUST", but this time it is released for the first time with materials other than leather.

The front surface uses the difference in shrinkage between cotton and wool to create a wavy look, and the back surface has wool loops raised to collect air, increasing heat retention.

Since it is softened after being squeezed, it also has softness and softness.

Coordination tech (2): Choosing to incorporate a long coat into the outfit from the perspective of cold weather

In the first place, a long coat is about ± 5 cm in knee length when worn. Of course, not only the upper body but also about half of the legs are completely hidden, so it is a wise choice to incorporate a long coat into the outfit from the viewpoint of cold weather.

If you take it in with a slightly loose size, you can easily take in a knit soaker cardigan that matches the inner, and the outfit will be warmer and more stylish.

Coordination tech ③: The long coat with a calm color pattern uses bright-tone items to avoid a sober look.

The calm color and plain long coat may give a plain and old-fashioned impression. To avoid such an impression, a bright tone item that does not spoil the image of the long coat is an effective technique.

This time, I chose bright blue for engineer boots and sunglasses. Instead of neutralizing the attractiveness of the item with Pramai Zero, I want to finish the coordination by multiplication that brings out the attractiveness of the item.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg