COORDINATE 2021.1.29

COORDINATE 2021.1.29

Layered coordination using leather jacket + winter items.

Excellent thing "single riders" that is easy to match with any coordination with a minimal appearance

Riders jackets are one of the casual outerwear, but we would like to introduce "Single Riders", which has become an item that fits well regardless of genre, from the trend of mixed styles to dresses to streets.

Coordination tech ①: Insert the rose-patterned Gobelin woven pants into the single riders jacket to add a sense of mix to the outfit

Single riders are no exception to the way Imadoki wears, where the feeling of relaxation is emphasized and the feeling of texture is avoided, and it is indispensable to have a feeling of play and play.
It's important to stick to the usual styling, but it's NG if the dress looks old-fashioned.
It is also necessary to update with coordination and dress while making full use of the potential of the single riders jacket.

Therefore, instead of matching the bottom with denim or sweatshirts, we set the rose-patterned Gobelin woven pants with a dressy feel.
By combining items with different textures for all-black outfits, you can wipe out the flat image and soften the hard impression and improve the mix!

STRUM's new standard model, SLATER

Compared to the conventional single, the new standard model of STRUM's single riders, with a narrow belly and a slightly narrowed waist, and a gusset on the side to increase the range of motion.

The back is used for the luxury of the animal's natural wrinkles on the neck and legs called "tiger", and the back center of the calf itself is cut and sewn so that it is at the back center of the riders.

Coordination Tech (2): A relaxed knit on the rider's jacket creates a beautiful look.

The rider's jacket, which has a moderately casual feel, is paired with a crew neck knit for a beautiful look.
The knit also functions as a "missing" due to the texture of the wool pile, which is a rough coordination of black.

When black occupies a large area, wearing a cross necklace with a strong presence does not give the impression of being stretched, and raising the line of sight appeals to the vertically long silhouette ... In other words, the effect of making you look taller is also ant.

Coordination Tech ③: How to wear a rider's jacket that is coordinated with a monotone gradation

Choose other items to express a monotone gradation from black rider's jacket to bottom, accessories and sunglasses, boots.
By sandwiching a white item of cut-and-sew between the inner of the knit, you can not miss the point that it creates a feeling of pulling out and sharpness.

I want to create a more mixed style by inserting the hem of the tapered Gobelin woven pants into the boots.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg