COORDINATE 2021.1.22

COORDINATE 2021.1.22

Coordination using the first LIMITED ITEM in 2021.

STRUM's regular item: "LIMITED ITEM", the only one in the world that has been reconstructed by dismantling the Tasmanian herringbone striped jacket.

Based on the F-2 type military jacket, we will introduce the coordination that makes the best use of the characteristics of each of the three outfits that are fused with old work and military clothing.

Tasmanian Wool Herringbone Striped Jacket x Dutch Army Field Jacket Remake Chester Coat STD090-01LD01

Incorporating an atmospheric Chester coat to upgrade winter casual outfits

With a long coat with an atmosphere as the leading role, the winter casual outfit has been upgraded.
By fusing military wear from the popular herringbone long gown image, the outfit will be upgraded with a unique personality.

For the long outer, the silhouette of the bottom and inner is slender and neat, and it is well-balanced.
This time, because it is a loose size, single riders are inserted and gloves are also matched with black to bring "tightness" to the outfit.

The key to wearing a khaki chester coat is the color tone!

At first glance, the khaki wool coat seems to be difficult to wear, but if you match the color tones, you will feel comfortable. It goes well with the basic colors such as black and beige.

Surprisingly, it should fit comfortably with the items you have. If you combine the HAT and the engineer boots at your feet with beige to add a sense of lightness, a well-balanced coordination is completed.

Combining military items with work tastes will increase the sense of rugged man

The combination of items with different tastes, which was once regarded as a squishy styling, has become a standard style mix in men's fashion, and has become a standard for a familiar look.

Many fashionable people express the styling of Imadoki by combining items with different tastes, because the traditional styling is uninteresting and looks old-fashioned.

This outfit combines the characteristics of US military flight pants with a slightly slender military jacket and loose indigo cropped pants. The gap between military and work taste is shifted to a mellow feeling, and a neat finish that increases the awkward and rugged man's feeling.

GOODS users raise the level of mixed style!

As it is a jacket with a design, the bottom is simple and the boots are cropped. The logger boots with smart ankles create an exquisite balance.

The deeply worn CAP also gives a more work taste, raises the sense of mix, and is an item that makes you feel good! If you want to add a little POP, we recommend sunglasses that feature a light green lens.

Tasmanian Wool Herringbone Striped Jacket x Dutch Army Field Jacket x Vintage Work Pants Remake Oversized Jacket STD090-01LD03

Skillfully layered and sporty to blend in with the city

A sporty outfit that combines a no-color jacket with a hoody to create a neat, layered and neat look.

The logo is shown on the hood part that comes out from the neck, and the outfit is casually added to the street feel. The jacket, which can be layered on a loose hoody, has a grunge atmosphere suitable for layering.

Enjoy Fashion!

182cm / 65kg