Midwinter coordination using engineer boots.

"Engineer boots" that produce wild and rugged feet and raise the level of masculinity with outstanding presence

Its strong construction that can withstand hard work and its design that emphasizes functionality make a good balance with a bold impression in the autumn / winter coordination where many volumey clothes are used.

This time, we will introduce black engineer boots from the classic role session.

Engineer boots coordination tech ①: If you want to create an urban atmosphere, don't hesitate to choose black.

Work boots If you are aiming for an urban atmosphere instead of earthy odor, you should choose black instead of brown.
Not only one-tone and monotone coordination, but also matching with dress items is not unreasonable, so you can make a beautiful and more stylish dress.

Engineer boots coordination tech (2): Engineer boots with outstanding presence differentiate casual outfits by removing sneakers

Engineer boots with an outstanding presence even when combined with full-length bottoms.
If you want to get rid of sneakers with casual outfits and bring out masculinity, this is a must-have option.

Matching slim-fitting bottoms is also ◎ Especially, the iconic Monk toe model has a slightly different feeling from sneakers and is useful for differentiating your feet.

New model "SLATER" of STRUM single riders jacket using terrestrial oil calf luxuriously
By finishing with oil, it has an elegant luster that is elastic, soft, moist and matte, and is recommended for both the heroes who have mastered leather riders and those who wear leather jackets for the first time.

Engineer boots coordination tech ③: Adjust the balance of coordination with work boots that give off a presence that is comparable to heavy winter outerwear

Layered single riders and fur vests that give you a slight sense of the height of the hurdles from the heavy looks. As the tops are voluminous, the impression you give will change depending on what you put on your feet.

If you want to create a manly finish with an emphasis on balance, it is recommended to set engineer boots at your feet. The boots balance the outfit without compromising the layered presence.

Enjoy Fashion!


178cm / 55kg