COORDINATE 2021.2.23

COORDINATE 2021.2.23

2021 "Spring" coordination with a little trend.

"Spring coordination" in the season when fashion becomes more lively as the temperature rises

This time, we are focusing on seasonal spring coordination, but we will introduce topics and silhouette & detail trend points that you want to keep in mind, not from the perspective of making everything new.

Spring Coordination Tech (1): Achieve a well-dressed look with vintage items!

Items of vintage to incorporate the coordination to MIX in recent dress, first from Riders strike a texture that though dressed in many years.

Why don't you try to create a seasonal mood by incorporating such "vintage" items into your outfit this season?
Of course, you can really incorporate the leather that you have changed over time into your outfit.
I'm sure the dress will give you a nice impression.

By adding more tannins than usual, the riders are finished with a stubborn look.

As a new pretreatment method, add more tannins than usual, and the texture is strong, with unevenness and firmness, and the vintage feel is also improved.

By adding oil firmly from the tanning stage and adding original oil when dyeing the product, you can feel the elasticity and suppleness to the touch.

Spring coordination tech (2): Adds a sense of American casualness and wears muscular items lightly.

Like the British classics and French chic, the keyword "Amekaji" is rekindling.
Among them, rugged items based on materials such as shirts and leather that symbolize work and western style are definitely recommended for adult men.

Of course, the style that appeals to the front is American casual, but we recommend the MIX style that matches the standard outfit.

Looking only at the inner and bottom, Ron T has a one-wash skinny and a moderate amount of space. To the last, the outfit that combines light and muscular items makes you feel the goods and leeway of adults.

Spring Coordination Tech ③: Let's dare to improve the freshness with "color leaflet" coordination and incorporate a nerd atmosphere.

The casual style is more relaxed, and at the same time, some attention is being paid to its comfort. What I would like to pay particular attention to is the coordination that dares to incorporate all colors to create a nerd feeling.

Based on men's colors called basic colors such as black and navy, the styling that incorporates several well-colored items such as red, beige, and light brown gives a fresh impression.

Although the colors of this outfit are scattered, the colors are not the main ones, but the sub-accents, and the tones are unified to realize a fashionable and comfortable feeling.

Enjoy Fashion!

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