Winter layered coordination using fur vest + leather jacket.

Men's outerwear "leather jacket" that gives a rugged style like a man and "fur vest" that creates a luxurious atmosphere

If you trace the origin of the leather jacket rider's jacket, you will come to the flight jacket. It seems to be the established theory that a button-fastened leather coat was born to protect pilots from the cold, and the leather flight jackets developed after that were gradually spread to motorcycle riders.

This time, we will introduce a fur vest + leather jacket that is excellent in cold weather and has a stylish coordination.

Coordination Tech (1): A combination of bright brown single riders and a shaded fur vest to give the outfit a rugged and beautiful atmosphere.

The unique firmness, luster and firmness of the light brown Italian calf combine with the soft and warm fur vest of cashmere to bring both a rugged and beautiful atmosphere to the winter men's outfit.

By inserting a check shirt of the same color into the inner, the brown outfit with different tones from the top to the inner is differentiated from the so-called "ordinary outfit", giving it a distinctive hand-crafted look.

Hard coordination with ruggedness is good, but if you want a mix feeling with the soft texture brought by fur, please come. It has been calculated that being the best is easy to balance.

Calf single riders with a unique luster and firmness that combine Italian OIL and Japanese special wax.

By blending Italian OIL and Japanese special wax and applying heat treatment, a unique luster and elasticity is created, and at first it is characterized by an upright elasticity.

A gem that seems to be stiff at first, but immediately retains the goodness of tannins, but is supple and soft and changes over time, increasing the taste and texture and allowing you to enjoy the changes depending on the user.

Coordination tech ②: Black sunglasses are effective before the fur vest spoils the ruggedness and wildness of the leather jacket.

For those who think that the softness and cuteness of cashmere fur vests will stall the ruggedness and wild atmosphere of leather jackets, sunglasses are an effective move.

If you match it with cargo pants or combat boots with a tough face, the military will be too strong and it will look like a cosplay, but with black sunglasses, you only need to focus on the ruggedness around the face, and after this It leaves plenty of room for the bottoms and shoes to create a mellow feeling and plenty of play to make the difference.

Coordination tech ③: A bottom that simply summarizes the coordination is promised for the decorative TOP with outstanding presence

The basics of adult dressing are to stick to the material and silhouette and keep it simple, without feeling awkward or unsightly. The secret of adult-like coordination is to subtract the amount of styling that TOPS is voluminous.

Therefore, it is a promise that the bottom and feet will be simply blackened. Until the teens, when overdoing is playful, I want to make a difference in fur vest + leather jacket styling with a comfortable dress that is suitable for adults.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg