Classic coordination using leather jacket + denim pants + check shirt.

A classic item for men's fashion, in casual coordination, the royal road "leather jacket + denim pants + check shirt"

If you remove too much from the standard coordination, you may fall into "normal" or "bad".
If you put together the size and color well, we will introduce how to wear high-potential items that can add a wide variety of impressions.

Coordination tech (1): The colors are black and white, and the colors are blue and a total of three colors.

Matching black denim or blue denim bottoms to black leather jackets is honestly often seen in men's outfits, especially in the fall and winter.
However, this time, I would like to dare to make the color sharp, and make a "non-ordinary" outfit with a "white" color bottom that has the unique texture of bleach chemical wash from black denim and the USED feeling of three-dimensional processing.

The black of the double riders with a slightly matte texture is enhanced with the white of the bottom, and the blue system of the accent color with the black base of the inner plays the role of a balancer well.

Not limited to this time, if you get lost, it is easier to coordinate the outfit if you set the color to about 3 colors.

"RAVEN" that has the elegant luster, elasticity, softness, and lightness that represent STRUM

Raccagni manufactured by double zipper of Italy in front increases its presence "RAVEN" is, to increase the range of motion to put the gore aside, it is also the standard model of Dabururaidasu of STRUM.

By finishing with oil, it is finished with an elegant luster that is elastic, soft, moist and matte.

Coordination Tech (2): A sense of size balance is important for coordinating standard items

In the case of standard items, it is no exaggeration to say that the size balance of each item determines the quality of coordination.

If the double riders are a little just sized, the hem of the check shirt should be layered so that the length near the base of the leg is better.
This alone increases the volume of TOPS, and not only balances it with the slender bottom, but also creates a leg length effect.

Coordination tech ③: For a simple outfit, use small items to aim for "unusual" and get warmth!

For a simple outfit, if you master the accessories, the fashionability will surely improve.
This time, let's spice up the coordination with leather gloves that are linked to the design of leather jackets.
In reality, it keeps your hands warm from this cold, but it also shows your individuality in styling.

If you want another idea, link the blue color of the inner check shirt with the lens color of the sunglasses for a higher-grade look.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg