Leather ON Leather "Spring" coordination.

But carelessly go tend eyes to items that impression come in handy in the main season of strong winter summer, only only 2, 3 months is for active and watch over the years.
In fact, there is a very great value to invest in the summer and what period of subtle temperature falls during the winter months at the longest season corresponding to half of the 1-year, clothes corresponding to there.

This time, we will introduce a leather overcardigan that can be used best and has freshness for about half a year.

Spring Coordination Tech ①: For new items with a relaxed size, choose a vivid color that is typical of spring.

The oversized cardigan, which has the lightness of a new spring item and is finished in an exquisite balance with an adult atmosphere that can be used as an autumn coat without any discomfort, chooses bright blue.

I think it's easy to incorporate vivid colors, especially blue, when the seasons change, so please give it a try.

The no-color design, which is a characteristic of the cardigan, is kept and is finished in a sophisticated impression by omitting extra details so that it is easy to use casually.

Western shirt with unique luster and firmness that combines Italian OIL and Japanese special WAX

Dyeing while processing using leather tanned in Japan from raw cowhide leather of terrestrial calf.

By blending Italian OIL and Japanese special wax and applying heat treatment, a unique luster and firmness are created.

"Ultimate self-growth leather" that retains the goodness of tannins and changes over time as it continues to be worn, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste and texture.

"KURT" (cart) with a design that combines a kimono and a knit cardigan with a smooth and elegant texture that does not seem to be suede

The silhouette is an oversized dolman sleeve drop shoulder.

The placket has no collar, and the details are like the front of a kimono. The front has a large slash pocket, and the back is cut back at the same position for an accent.

Spring coordination tech ②: Let's wear suede and leather ON leather

The leather-on-leather technique, which protects even the best spring winds from the cold, is often a smooth combination of suede and leather.
Because the difference in texture does not become too hard and the forest feeling is added.

The no-collar outerwear includes not only T-shirts, but also sweatshirts, hoodies, and oversized cut-and-sew, but the technique of inserting leather into the innerwear creates a masculine and profound styling. ..

Spring coordination tech ③: For the bottom, I dare to choose similar colors to give a sense of unity with blue, and for the feet, I use sneakers to give a sense of omission.

In winter, I would like to match a dark black bottom, but ... For the outfit that makes use of the blue color of suede, by matching the used denim of the same color, only the outerwear looks conspicuous. One rank up with a feeling!

And don't forget to use the sneakers at your feet for the final touch, creating a feeling of spring. By not matching the boots, the hard impression of leather ON leather is alleviated.

Enjoy Fashion!

182cm / 65kg