COORDINATE 2021.3.16

COORDINATE 2021.3.16

"Spring" coordination made in denim style.

Spring where you can feel the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the air. I want to enjoy coordination with a fresh feeling that is completely different from winter, which tends to make me feel cold.

However, as the cold may remain in the morning and evening, there are many people who find it difficult to match the bottoms with the standard jeans.

Introducing "Spring denim coordination" + leather jacket dressing.

Spring coordination tech ①: Blue denim adds a refreshing atmosphere like spring clothes!

For leather riders who give a rugged and masculine atmosphere, the processed organic cotton used jeans create a refreshing atmosphere with a pale indigo color.

This leather jacket with a zip accent would like to propose a dress that dares to close the front.

I want to enjoy a variety of dresses, such as putting them together lightly to match the shirt to leave a clean atmosphere, or incorporating them into dark-tone tops to create a sense of omission.

STRUM's new double riders model "DIVINE"

By chrome-tanning the raw cowhide leather of the terrestrial calf in Japan and finishing it with oil, it has more elasticity and has a soft, moist and matte luster.

STRUM's new double riders featuring a design that emphasizes the elements of the Italian Raccagni fastener.

Spring coordination tech (2): Build a rugged spring outfit with denim pants and denim shirts that match the colors.

A rugged spring casual outfit is created by combining a USED denim shirt that is naturally worn rather than artificially with a tight straight denim that matches the color.

Wearing straight or buggy silhouette jeans will give you a solid work style, but slender straight denim has a modern feel and a modest work feel.

Spring coordination tech ③: A plus that is conscious of tight-fitting denim and leather jackets

Black outfit

A leather rider's jacket and engineer boots are used to cope with the cold in the morning and evening, while a thin inner and tight straight denim are conscious of spring.

In particular, the color work that was ① and ② is of course, but the boots at the feet are also accented by making the hem OUT instead of IN so that the black is not heavy.

Coordinating leather riders denim that can be worn over a long span of the season is perfect for this season's outfit waiting for the arrival of spring.

Enjoy Fashion!

182cm / 65kg