COORDINATE 2021.3.23

COORDINATE 2021.3.23

"Spring" coordination made from cropped denim.

"Cropped pants" that create a feeling of mellowness and lightness by slipping out of your feet, and firmly feature sock-style play and haze while emphasizing the presence of shoes.

If you want to take advantage of the cropped length and aim for a stylish look, we will introduce you to the silhouette and roll-up tech that you need to be careful about.

Spring Coordination Tech ①: If you want a light feeling at your feet, it's a shortcut to rely on cropped pants!

"Cropped pants" that are not as rough as shorts and are lighter than long pants
It is an option to have your pants repaired to a cropped length, but the cropped hem balance that is also set is ◎

It has already been calculated that even if a simple single rider is combined with a slightly rugged outfit, the adult's product will not deteriorate.

STRUM's new standard model, "SLATER"

Compared to the conventional single, the new standard model of STRUM's single riders, with a narrow belly and a slightly narrowed waist, and a gusset on the side to increase the range of motion.

It has a good reputation for its good quality and lightness of the standard geological oil calf, and you can enjoy the texture because of its simple design.

Spring coordination tech (2): Dare to close the front of the check shirt and make the most of the pattern

Men's coordination with calm colors as the main axis, check shirts are excellent items that play an active role as an accent to dressing.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the styling, it is recommended that you fasten the buttons and glance at the collar, sleeves, and hem. As the visible area is smaller, the accent effect increases, and the relaxed mood, which is the current trend, can be created to boost the casualness.

Spring Coordination Tech ③: Roll up to create a feeling of mellow feet

Roll-up is a technique for putting on and taking off pants, which is known as one of the fashionable means. By folding back the hem, you can create a feeling of slipping out at your feet and adjust the silhouette to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

A royal road roll-up that can be completed simply by folding the hem a few times.
The narrower the fold width, the more elegant the finish, and the thicker the fold width, the rougher and more casual the finish.
The more times you fold it, the wider the roll-up will naturally be, and I want to keep in mind that it looks thicker.

Enjoy Fashion!

182cm / 65kg