COORDINATE 2021.3.28

COORDINATE 2021.3.28

"Spring" coordination made with leather shirt x oversized cardigan.

Due to the revival street style trend of the 90's that has continued for several years, oversized outfits that dare to incorporate items that are several steps larger than the optimal size for your body shape have become a standard item.

We will introduce using the cotton rayon oversized cardigan released by STRUM this time.

Spring coordination tech ①: Monotone for a stylish oversized style

If you feel a hurdle in the oversized style, we recommend using a monotone item.

Since the number of colors is limited if only the basic color items are combined, it is easy to finish in a sophisticated atmosphere.
Also, to pretend to be spring, set the inner leather shirt with a brighter color.

A full tannin western shirt that has a unique luster and firmness and combines the special techniques of Italy and Japan.

Even if it is firm enough to stand upright at first, it will be supple, soft and aged, and the taste and texture will increase, while leaving the goodness of tannins immediately by kneading it by hand for several tens of minutes.

One of the ultimate self-growth leathers, where you can enjoy the taste and texture with your own hands over time.

Spring coordination tech ②: Incorporate only one oversize

There are only styles that collection brands have adopted, and oversized styles are perfect for expressing trend-conscious outfits, but I also want to solve the disadvantages of becoming childish.

Even if you don't pay attention to specific items or color matching, you can get a seasonal atmosphere while creating an adult feeling by inserting only one item that exceeds the silhouette and size into your usual outfit.

Spring coordination tech ③: If you are conscious of sharpness, the success rate of oversize style will increase dramatically!

The net thing is that simply incorporating oversized clothes does not mean that a stylish coordination is completed.

If you want to increase the success rate of the seasonal oversize style, it will be an important factor to be aware of the sharpness with other items.
For oversize, if you can express the Y line in an easy-to-understand manner by matching pants with a skinny silhouette, you can not only create a clean atmosphere, but also greatly expand the range of coordination.

Enjoy Fashion!

182cm / 65kg