COORDINATE 2021.5.21

COORDINATE 2021.5.21

STRUM's "Jeans" made from organic cotton are a big success in all seasons!

Speaking of men's fashion bottoms, the first thing that comes up is the presence of denim pants (jeans).
There is no doubt that it is indispensable for men's fashion, such as the unique texture of denim and the taste that exudes over time.

Introducing "Jeans", the new face of STRUM.

Tips for dressing ①: Wearing damaged denim with a clean atmosphere and a tight silhouette that accentuates the crush process.

The overall outfit is a tight-fitting silhouette, and the inner is a shirt made of natural silk and cotton in a clean color to express a casual summer outfit with an edge in the freshness.

By unifying sunglasses, shirts and bottoms with a refreshing blue color and putting them together in a lean silhouette, the hard crush processing of jeans is emphasized.
The reason why the sense of unity is improved is that the color is suppressed to 2 to 3 colors.

Napoleon type INDIE made by using metal hook buttons for all the metal parts of the double riders jacket.

Genuine calf cowhide leather is chrome tanned and oil-finished for elasticity, soft, moist and matte finish.

Napoleon type made by using all metal hook buttons instead of fasteners and buckles for the metal parts of the double riders jacket.

Tips for dressing ②: Men's outfit with a dahlia pattern shirt and damaged jeans for a sweet and spicy finish.

The dahlia patterned shirt is a perfect item to create a sense of the season by synchronizing with the open summer mood.
If it is a floral pattern, it may look chara at first glance, but the thick feeling of falling and the loose adult silhouette avoid it.

A dahlia shirt with damaged jeans that fray and discolor.
Rugged bottoms reduce the resort feeling that makes you stand out, and for a sweet and spicy styling that is easy to get used to in the city with feet on the ground.

Tips for dressing ③: Adult damaged jeans do not expose the skin!

The key to choosing damaged jeans for adults is to have a clean item with modest skin exposure.
Even if there is severe damage, if it is repaired with tataki from the back, the impression is elegant while having an accent. Damaged jeans that are comfortable for adults to wear and have a good edge.

In that respect, this denim has 0 skin exposure despite a severe crash!

Burning Dyed's Burgundy color is used as an accent color, and by adding an accent, there is no doubt that it will give you a stylish feeling.

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg