An iron plate denim outfit that is conscious of the season.

At this time when the seasons change, I want to enjoy coordination with a different and fresh feeling.

However, the bottoms that can handle the daily temperature difference are not the same as the standard denim, and some people find it difficult to match the items.


This time, we will pick up design denim from the STRUM collection and introduce seasonal coordination.

Tips for dressing ①: A refreshing spring jacket style centered around white T-shirts and blue jeans

Regardless of the season, a combination of white T- shirt and blue jeans is effective for creating a refreshing look.
This combination of white T- shirt and blue jeans shows its potential to refresh the atmosphere to a spring-summer outfit that wants a clean and refreshing color.

If a white T- shirt that is easy to pull out and goes well with any color pattern item and the classic blue jeans of casual coordination are paired, there is no gimmick that goes out to the right in the production of freshness.

Vintage-like discoloration, USED feeling due to three-dimensional processing, cropped jeans with a lot of attention to stitches and threads: CROPPED JAM

Using natural uneven yarn that is a mixture of Turkish organic virgin cotton and Indian organic fallen cotton, and using 2% polyurethane, it has sufficient stretchability and realizes non-stress comfort.

The front ZIP and button fly are models with many design gimmicks.

Tips for dressing (2): A sense of unity is created with pale two-tone jeans with vintage-like colors and bleaching, and GUN BLUE leather jackets.

Burning Dyed leather jackets with uneven colors are paired with cropped jeans whose back style has been bleached to a pale tone for a casual and unified look.

The gimmick full cropped jeans give an edge, while the white and GUN BLUE create a spring-like feel.

Tips for dressing ③: Differentiate from casual outfits by removing sneakers with logger boots that have an outstanding presence.

Set logger boots that give off an outstanding presence even when combined with cropped bottoms, and take off sneakers with casual outfits to bring out masculinity.

Logger boots with beautiful ankle shapes and beautiful silhouettes are well-balanced with odd-length cropped jeans.

It has a slightly different feel from sneakers and is useful for differentiating your feet.

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg