COORDINATE 2021.6.29

COORDINATE 2021.6.29

STRUM season model "CROPPED JAM" made without compromise

Depending on the outfit, it swings cleanly or roughly, making it possible to raise the level of simple styling from various perspectives.

This time, we will introduce the coordination of the STRUM season model "CROPPED JAM" with a summer-like printed shirt.

Tips for dressing ①: Cropped pants are excellent items that can be used regardless of the season.

Cropped pants are pants with a length from below the knee to above the ankle. In the first place, " Cropped " means "cut / cut", and in a broad sense, capri pants and ladies' capri pants are also considered to be a type of cropped pants.
Also, in men's cropped pants, it often refers to those with a length of 6 to 7 minutes. Because it is shorter than ankle pants, it has a strong impression of lightness, especially for outfits that want to bring a sense of looseness to the outfit and make the shoes stand out.

It is an item that can be used all-round regardless of the season, but it is definitely a heavy rotation item especially in the spring and summer when lightness is required.

SLATER is the standard for single riders, with a narrow belly and a slightly narrowed waist, and a gusset on the side to increase the range of motion.

Using chrome tanned leather of terrestrial calf cowhide raw leather in Japan,
A STRUM classic series that combines the strength and suppleness of chrome with the tiger pattern and fine texture of calfskin.

Compared to the previous STL045-01, a gusset is put on the side to widen the range of motion of the arms and shoulders, and the length is slightly longer and the pattern is changed.

Tips for dressing ②: Create a fashionable look with color gradation coordination

Summer outfits that tend to be simple and cohesive. Why don't you try to create a fashionable playfulness with colors sometimes?
A means of expressing gradation by incorporating changes in tone, instead of dressing items of the same color together. The gradation that tone up from top to bottom is recommended because it is easy to decide on a chic and calm impression.

Especially since the base of the dahlia print is black, it is guaranteed that the person who wears it will have a calm impression.

Tips for dressing ③: Match the boots with the casual style to create a crisp look!

Sneakers have established an absolute position in the shoe trend of the last few years, but such a big trend has begun to show some calm, and wrinkles and leather shoes are becoming more popular.

It feels like I'm daring to add volume to my feet to match my casual outfit. Match this shrink hose boots with a T- shirt x denim iron plate casual outfit. If you set it at the feet of a rough outfit, it will be finished in a crisp look.

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg