COORDINATE 2021.6.14

COORDINATE 2021.6.14

"Shirt x jeans" coordination !
Pay attention to the mix of different tastes!

In the season of Imma, which is the lightest and most casual outfit, I want to be careful about my appearance. When such, elegant with a collar, material that will to eliminate the sweat and stuffiness, and the other a single is Quirky gimmick there shirt convenient.

This time, we will also introduce jeans that are sold only for a limited time.

Tips for dressing ①: Let's put on a washer shirt to bring out the lightness with the elegant dot spice of two bath dyeing.

A polka dot shirt that is perfect for adding spices to simple outfits.
There are many people who are confused about the choice of polka dots because they have a strong dress-like appearance or are too cute.

This is not a print but a jacquard woven dot, so it is three-dimensional, and the dot part is further dyed afterwards to achieve good color development.

Although the body is a basic and easy-to-use open collar shirt, the place where techniques such as a loose silhouette and unique shoulder switching are hidden is finished in an adult atmosphere.

Leather jacket with STRUM's original BURNING DYED

After the alcohol is ignited, the fire is transferred to the dye, and the dye discolors and burns due to the reaction, creating a unique unevenness.
It creates an elegant and sensual atmosphere that is not found in product dyeing.

Tips for dressing (2): Adult and sloppy size is addictive!

Summer with strong sunlight, Japan with high humidity these days ... I want to avoid the impression that it is not dull, but it is a feeling of adult size.

The shirt has a basic design that is easy to mix and match, but it has a casual size and a stylish atmosphere. Bring out.

The sloppy silhouette on both the top and bottom has a tapered bottom hem that keeps your feet clean and elegant!

Tips for dressing ③: Give off an aura of advanced fashionable people with a mixed style of different tastes!

By skillfully combining items with different genres, you can instantly create a fashionable mood for advanced users.

Wide straight denim that dares to express sunburn and dirt that has been exposed to the sun for a long time while hanging on the door is paired with an elegant and transparent dot shirt to express the dressing of "Detachment taste".

You can wear sandals or boots at your feet, but this time, we chose sneakers to create a feeling of slipping out to match the casual look of the bottom.

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg