COORDINATE 2021.6.20

COORDINATE 2021.6.20

"Skinny" that manages various atmospheres with refinement, rock, beautiful eyes and style

It fits comfortably in any tops, but with a subtractive nuance that refrains from asserting it, it leads to a stylish impression.

This time, we will introduce "Skinny", which has such a preeminent degree of dressing.

Tips for dressing ①: Open collar short sleeve cotton twill shirt and one-wash indigo skinny jeans

Without using a tumbler, a cotton shirt with a burr feeling that has been dried in the sun and a white sole at your feet creates a feeling of mellowness.
An open-color short-sleeved navy shirt and one-wash indigo skinny jeans for a loose-fitting look.

While expressing the gradation from the pale purple of the shirt to the indigo of denim, the moderate exposure of the skin around the neck and arms ensures good ventilation and supports the refreshing impression of the color scheme.

New Double Riders DIVINE with distinctive Italian Raccagni fastener elements

Using chrome tanned leather of terrestrial calf cowhide raw leather in Japan,
A STRUM classic series that combines the strength and suppleness of chrome with the tiger pattern and fine texture of calfskin.

Tips for dressing (2): Use summer accessories to clean your face.


A men's outfit that combines a shirt with a rough atmosphere, washed blue jeans, and white sneakers.
The open-collared shirt has a prominent neck drop, and in order to add fearlessness around the face, summer accessories: sunglasses are essential.

The edges of the frame are painted black, and the Windsor Rim sunglasses, which have an outstanding tightening effect, have a cool impression, and the hair is also tied up to create a cleaner and more stylish impression and an adult coordination with an urban atmosphere.

Dressing tips ③: Combine bottoms in dark colors to create a slender, vertically long silhouette.

STRUM's classic SKNY JOHN is one-washed organic cotton textured jeans that are perfect for all-season, styling differentiation.
Even when combined with items of similar colors, the denim pants with a sense of fabric add a twist that does not look good and bring a stylish feeling to the coordination.

Especially in the summer when the logo don is in full swing and the brand logo and icons are overflowing in the city, the skull printed on the cotton twill shirt is casually printed on one point to make the adult's style stand out.

Enjoy Fashion!

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