"T-shirt x jeans" coordination !
Dressing that has both an adult feeling and a casual feeling.

The combination of T-shirts that will be more active in the coming season and rugged jeans that originated in workwear is a classic style for men. Depending on how you wear it, it swings beautifully or roughly, raising the stylish feeling of simple styling.

This time, we will introduce the coordination of "T-shirt x jeans".

Tips for dressing ①: Simply put together minimal items to increase the casualness of adults!

Simple and minimalist dress is a standard for adult casual outfits. If you put the whole thing together with items with a minimal design, the sophistication of an adult man will be greatly enhanced, which will naturally lead to a good impression. Since there is no extra decoration, sense such as sizing, combination, and how to dress is a more important factor.

The chances of success increase if you are aware of the elements of dressing theory, such as sizing that balances the whole, controlling the number of colors, and minimizing sunglasses and necklaces.

STRUM style coach jacket B STAR that incorporates the details of the riders.

Using chrome-tanned leather from sheep leather less than one year old in Italy, the lamb leather, which has a much finer texture than sheep, has a nice texture and a soft texture.

The size is a little loose, but the sleeves have a sharp design, making it an adult coach jacket.

Tips for dressing (2): " T- shirts" are safe if you have an ace that can be used alone!

Speaking of the royal road style of denim, matching with a T-shirt is always a must, not only in summer .
Because it is a super classic, I would like to choose a T- shirt that is particular about details such as material, silhouette, and size, and aim to differentiate it from others.

Of course, T- shirts such as logodon and lettered that are insisted on print are also ants, but if you want to express a sophisticated and mature outfit, we recommend the quality competition of plain T-shirts. Also, if you want to feel relaxed, you can choose a T-shirt with an oversized silhouette.

Tips for dressing ③: Raise the sense of fashion! Box wide straight silhouette jeans for a stylish look

If you wear jeans with a wide straight silhouette and design that have a strong image for advanced users, the fashionability of your outfit will be immeasurable.

The trick to wearing it like an adult is to use "Tapered". The silhouette of wide pants that does not get caught in the legs and falls off, but when combined with the tapered shape that can be expected to have the effect of making your feet look neat, you can create a jeans outfit that is highly accurate and familiar.

I would like to refer to the technique of putting on a coach jacket with a little space to match the pants and adding more space to adults.

Enjoy Fashion!

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