"T-shirt x jeans" coordination again!
Make a difference with dark jeans with a design gimmick.

In the coming season, men's fashion will become simpler and simpler with fewer items to wear.
The jeans outfit that can be worn in the ALL season is a classic style for men.
Depending on how you wear it, casual and simple styling will raise the sense of fashion for adults.

This time, we will introduce the coordination with a model full of design gimmicks of "T-shirt x jeans".

Tips for dressing ①: Indigo jeans stylishly express summer white T-shirt coordination

If you want to make the classic outfit of jeans and white T- shirt into a sophisticated and manly style, choose a darker indigo.
By matching the indigo color with the white T- shirt, the feeling of tightness and cleanliness is amplified and the impression is beautiful.

Since I wear shirt leather, this time I chose a T-shirt with a STRUM classic pocket that is just fit and suitable for layering.

A full tannin western shirt that has a unique luster and firmness and combines the special techniques of Italy and Japan.

Even if it is firm enough to stand upright at first, it will be supple, soft and aged, and the taste and texture will increase, while leaving the goodness of tannins immediately by kneading it by hand for several tens of minutes.

One of the ultimate self-growth leathers, where you can enjoy the taste and texture with your own hands over time.

The leather is thinner than it looks ( 0.6mm ), and although it has a tight silhouette, it is light when worn! You should think.

Tips for dressing ②: Now is the time for "sunglasses" to play an active role! A light-colored lens that conveys facial expressions should be selected for Corona

It is no exaggeration to say that sunglasses are no longer a necessity in the sunny summer.
However, now that masks are essential, wearing sunglasses can give a suspicious impression.

I recommend sunglasses with light-colored lenses. With a light-colored lens, the other person can check the facial expression of the eyes, which should greatly reduce the suspicious impression.

Especially if it is a light blue with a summer-like coloring, you can produce a light mood, but you do not have to remove it indoors or at night, and the fashionable feeling will be improved.

Tips for dressing ③: Wear denim cropped pants packed with design gimmicks to the minimum.

The front is a button fly specification that makes you think of it as a zip fly, and the toothless fastener is actually an accent, and when you open it, it is a cropped type with an original tuck button in a row.
The one-wash color is beautiful and gives a minimal sense of adulthood.

If you fold the hem once, it will be a standard dress, but this time I dared to enter the STRUM engineer without rolling up.
Excellent items and items that change the impression depending on how you wear them!

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg