STRUM JEANS season model "BOXY IGGY" that you can wear casually without worrying about rough

STRUM JEANS that swings beautifully or roughly depending on the outfit, and enables simple styling to be raised from various perspectives.

This time, we will introduce the coordination and denim parts of the STRUM season model "BOXY IGGY" in close-up.

Tips for dressing ①: Tuck in to change your oversized jeans style.

The point of this outfit is how to wear the inner V-neck short-sleeved TEE that looks like a supporting character.
Tuck in the oversized denim waist firmly, squeeze the back belt about the second from the back, and squeeze it firmly with the leather belt, and tuck in only the front.

While the tuck-in gives a proper feeling to the loose silhouette of the whole, if you are an old man, you can get both a beautiful impression and a casual feeling of omission. Please pay attention to the tuck-in with plenty of mellowness that gives a nice slack while making a drape.

What are the German silver parts attached to the coin pockets of all STRUM JEANS series?

German silver parts with a telecaster type pickguard motif are icons attached to all coin pockets of STRUM JEANS, which started in earnest from 2021 SPRING / SUMMER.

This time, we will close up these parts ...

The vocalist and guitarist JOE STRUMMER of the punk band THE CLASH, who has a great influence on the STRUM brand name, used to use it as the main guitar for the 1966 "Fender Telecaster", which he called "Strummer Caster". I was out.
The motif is the pickguard of this guitar (= a thin plate of synthetic resin, etc. placed on the body of the guitar and under the strings).

I also touched on JOE STRUMMER's favorite guitar ...

● Obtained in 1975, and after joining CLASH, refinished by layering black on gray.
-In 1978, the bridge was replaced with an independent saddle, and the tuning peg was replaced with the one at that time from the early Cruson type, and a big question mark was on the back of the body.
-In 1979 , the word "NOISE" was put on the upper part of the body, and the sticker of the spray raster flag was put on the horn part of the pickguard, and the sticker of "Ignore Alien Orders" was put on the upper part of the bridge.

Since then, the composition of the guitar has remained the same for the rest of his life even after CLASH was disbanded, and only stickers have been added. The black paint gradually peeled off due to the intense performance of STRUMMER , and the gray undercoat, the original sunburst, and even the bare wood appeared.

Fender later reprinted the JOE STRUMMER telecaster, which was based on the Mexican telecaster and reproduced the image of this guitar by peeling off the paint and rusting the parts, in 2007 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of CLASH's debut.

Tips for dressing (2): Simply put on a black shirt for a relaxed and relaxed look.

A simple outfit of a black shirt and box silhouette denim pants that are so spacious and shiny that you won't pick up the body line.

By twilling cotton and rayon threads, a glossy feeling is created, and the silhouette of the shirt with slack in the upper body makes it feel even more comfortable for adults.

A simple monotone outfit, which tends to be monotonous, is tucked in to create an expressive styling. Along with the t- shirt tuck-in, the belt that brings a feeling of mellowness around the waist is also ◎

Tips for dressing ③: "BOXY IGGY" jeans that give you a body cover and style up

"BOXY IGGY" jeans that have better body cover than skinny jeans and can show more individuality than simple straights and buggies.
Especially in the case of summer coordination where the body line and body shape become noticeable due to increased skin exposure, these jeans full of design gimmicks show high potential.

Around the waist, the front button, back belt, and STRUM's standard cross belt are used to squeeze the waist position higher to create a leg length effect and a beautiful mode feeling.

Since the hem is slightly tapered, it naturally collects on the shoes, and you can taste the adult denim with a feeling of falling hem.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg