COORDINATE 2021.7.21

COORDINATE 2021.7.21

"Shorts" that enhance the light and active atmosphere

Pick up shorts at STRUM for the summer.
In fact, it goes very well with leather and is a combination that can only be done at this time.

This time, what is the coordination of shorts and the Goodyear welt method for the G Jean type using the STRUM standard Japan curve? I will introduce.

Tips for dressing ①: Match a material with "hardness" that is different from the soft material of black shorts.

First of all, for those who are not accustomed to putting out their legs or who find it difficult to bottom the sweatshirt material, choosing a length that hides or does not hide the kneecap will eliminate the feeling of a kid.
Next, for outerwear and shoes at your feet, avoiding the same sporty and soft materials and combining them with items that are made of different materials such as luster and leather and have hardness, you can instantly create a masculine feeling with a rough and cute image.

What is the " Goodyear welt manufacturing method " used in STRUM boots?

Goodyear welt manufacturing method, which is one of the methods to join the upper and sole of leather shoes.
Scoop the tape-shaped ribs and upper, lining and welt attached to the insole, and then sew the outsole and welt out.
The feature is that the upper and outsole are not sewn directly, but are attached via a welt.

Cross section of Goodyear welt leather shoes (front)

It is also called the Goodyear Welted method, but it is also called the Goodyear manufacturing method for short.

The name comes from the early 19th century when Charles Goodyear II of the United States succeeded in mechanizing previously hand-sewn shoes.

Compared to modern cement-type and other simplified manufacturing methods, the number is reduced due to the importance of craftsmanship and the time and effort required for many parts, but the result is a supple shoe that is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Currently, the Goodyear welt manufacturing method is famous as a representative manufacturing method for British shoes. The robust construction and distinctive edge are also a symbol of the tradition of leather shoes.
Of course, it is a manufacturing method that is almost always adopted by authentic brands not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States, Italy, and Japan.

Dressing tips (2): Black oversized tops for a relaxed men's outfit

Match oversized tops and shorts like a setup.
At first glance, are sweatshirt materials dangerous? It's easy to think that, by matching it in monotone, it gives a sharp and urban impression and does not give a feeling of room wear!

Even if the oversize is useful for the body cover, if it is black, the impression tightening effect is outstanding and you can create a feeling of relaxation, and you can get both.

The layered white hem and cuffs lighten the overall weight at once.
Color balance with the sole of the boots is also ◎

Tips for dressing ③: At your feet, wear rough and casual boots with authentic boots.

The end of coordination will change depending on your feet.
This time, in consideration of the casual and sporty material of the sweatshirts on both the top and bottom and the volume balance with the tops, we coordinated with the shrink horsehide rider's boots, which are characterized by a textured feeling and a glossy feeling.

While the vibram sole retains a casual feel, the boots with a strong presence made by a full-fledged method enhance the styling.

Enjoy Fashion!

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