COORDINATE 2021.7.12

COORDINATE 2021.7.12

Crash repair "TIGHT JOE" that demonstrates outstanding presence in a masculine and rugged atmosphere

STRUM JEANS that swings beautifully or roughly depending on the outfit, and enables simple styling to be raised from various perspectives.

This time, we will introduce the outfit of "TIGHT JOE" which has undergone crash repair of STRUM JEANS standard model and organic cotton in close-up.

Tips for dressing ①: By coordinating other than the shirt in monotone, it stands out more.

If you want to add a sense of the season to spring and summer, why not try a shirt with bright colors and thickness?
The trick is to match other items in monotone to create a unified look that emphasizes the existence of the shirt.

By matching it with jeans with a silhouette that fits the whole, and making the inner black, the mustard shirt avoids the bad conspicuity from the coordination, and both the gorgeousness and the refreshing feeling are obtained in the summer men's outfit.

What is "organic cotton" used in all STRUM JEANS series?

What is organic cotton? Organic cotton that has cleared strict world standards and has been certified by a designated organization.
In other words, it refers to cotton that has cleared world standards and has been certified as organic.

Why is organic cotton that sets strict standards, clears, and is expensive?
This time, we will focus on the materials used in all STRUM JEANS series.

Why is organic cotton good?

Because it is a material that is kind to the natural environment and people involved in cultivation

  Material that is good for both the earth and the body

In ordinary cotton cultivation, many chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, such as pest control and defoliants. On the other hand, since organic cotton is cultivated without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it reduces soil and water pollution, has less adverse effects on the environment and the body, and is a good material for both the earth and myself.

  Organic cotton that protects human safety and health

Cultivation standards for organic cotton include not only the use of no pesticides or fertilizers, but also regulations regarding worker safety, health and child labor. Active use of organic cotton also protects the people involved in cotton cultivation.

Now that the word "sustainable" is used in everyday life, it may be an opportunity to review what fashion can do.

Tips for dressing ②: When matching leather jackets, the inner should be tucked out.

For STRUMMER, the tips for wearing a leather jacket are indispensable.

The mustard shirt and jeans with a tight silhouette, which are also characteristic of the fabric and the space, were tucked in with the inner black T-shirt as an accent of coordination.
Leather jackets, shirts, and inner hem length balance is short. If it is a little long, you will be busy and the coordination will be distracted, so tuck out here.

By tucking out, the tops will be larger than the slim jeans, which will help to improve the overall balance.

Tips for dressing ③: For adults, not showing your skin with crushed jeans that have been repaired with a lining

Crash jeans, which are lined and sewn on the damaged part to prevent the skin from being exposed, are items that maintain the dignity of adults.

While the edge is effective, the cleanliness is guaranteed, so it is not too casual, it does not look like a kid, and the coordination feels smart.
Crash jeans with elaborate repair processing have a dignified and sophisticated atmosphere and are perfect for adults while being rough.

It is recommended to use sneakers at your feet to create a feeling of slipping out so as to dispel the texture.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg