Men's iron plate style "Amekaji style" that is not influenced by trends

Nowadays, the American casual boom is gradually coming back to the world.
In addition to the royal road style that reproduces the atmosphere of the time, there is a wide range of ways to wear it, such as a fresh cut that mixes American casual elements based on other tastes such as dresses.

This time, we will introduce how to wear "Amekaji Style" and "Leather Cap".

Tips for dressing ①: Single riders with unique GUN BLUE shades: SLATER accents "Amekaji style"

In order to reproduce the leather jacket style on the classic American casual style denim of the 1950s and 1970s while arranging it in the present age, single riders with the unique technique "BURNING DYED" are used for shirts and bottoms of similar colors. I want to improve the sense of fashion.

For one-tone coordination, don't forget to avoid the vague feeling with black accessories.

"LEATHER CAP" is useful as a seasoning when you feel unsatisfactory in dressing or when you want to change the atmosphere a little.

Black cap Recommendation (1): If you choose for versatility, choose a plain design!

There is no doubt that the plain design that goes well with any outfit will come in handy because it is an item that comes in many turns.

Black cap Recommended (2): Designed with a logo for a casual and street-like look

The logo design is back in the limelight due to the revival of the streets of the 90's. Embroidery of similar colors is applied and the sense shines even though it is an adult.

Black cap Recommendation ③: A mesh type that can strongly emphasize sports taste boosts the feeling of activity

The appeal of caps is that you can easily add a sporty impression.
If you want to fully demonstrate its charm, the mesh type is recommended.

Also known as a tracker cap, as the name suggests, it was made to be worn by truck drivers, but its light fabric usage is ideal for boosting the activeness of the outfit. It is also good that the head does not get stuffy in the hot season.

Tips for dressing (2): For a rugged coordination, create an atmosphere with brightly colored and patterned items.

If you add a few brightly colored items to the American casual style, which sells ruggedness, you can add a glossy look to your outfit.

A spacious STRUM JEANS BOXY IGGY with a brightly colored check shirt and tone, and an accent that is not too gorgeous without destroying the image of American casual.

Tips for dressing ③: STRUM JEANS with a wide straight silhouette enhances the fashionable feeling.


I think that straight silhouette denim pants are indispensable for American casual style. In this outfit, we will set BOXY IGGY, which has a design gimmick in the key points.

Although it has a silhouette of wide pants that does not get caught in the legs and falls off, the tapered shape that has the effect of making your feet look neat is mature and raises the sense of fashion.

Enjoy Fashion!

178 cm / 55 kg