COORDINATE 2021.8.10

COORDINATE 2021.8.10

At the start of autumn, STRUM starts with "Leopard Shirt"

The leopard shirt that gives off a protagonist-class presence is a gem suitable for the start of 2021 AUTUM / WINTER.

And by simply putting on a plain T- shirt, it is possible to avoid the lack of things that are often seen in spring and summer, and it is easy to immediately take in the scent of autumn.

This time, we will introduce the STL045 series "INDIE ", which is the last time to wear the "Leopard Shirt" with a calm color and to produce it with this base.

Tips for dressing ①: Tuck out to create a casual impression

If you tuck out the hem, you will get a casual impression. The point for adults to wear is to choose the right design that is not too long.

Tuck out to create a rough look, and pair it with black jeans for an adult-active casual outfit.
If you tuck out the hem of the leopard shirt to create a rough feel, you will end up with an adult casual outfit that is rough but keeps the item moderately.

Production on this base is "INDIE" using the last oil calf this season.

The oil calf STL045 series has continued as a standard item, but due to the strict supply of the base material by the tanner that makes leather, it will be released only this time.

The oil calf series will be announced with a different base, but this is the last production on this base.

The metal parts of the double riders jacket are all Napoleon type made using metal hook buttons instead of fasteners and buckles, and the silhouette has a little more space than conventional riders.

By using metal hook buttons instead of fasteners, it gives a stylish and sophisticated impression.

Tips for dressing ②: Put on a shirt as an outerwear

An arrangement method in which a shirt, which is said to be underwear in the world of suits (classic), is intentionally used as an outerwear.
In the season when the temperature difference is big, it is ant to use it properly depending on the scene, such as wearing a waistband or shoulder strap in the hot daytime, or wearing it as an outerwear on a chilly night.

In STRUM's ever-evolving pattern, a shirt with a slightly looser fit than before is worn over a white T-tank.
A technique that can be applied not only to leopard patterns but also to other patterns and printed shirts.

Tips for dressing ③: The patterned shirt immediately incorporates a sense of the season and is easy to use later!

A shirt with a pattern that gives off a protagonist-class presence is easy to use as an outerwear in the beginning of autumn. Simply put it on a plain T- shirt and you can avoid the impression of lack of things that is often seen in spring and summer.

Later, it will be used as an inner for outer items such as leather. In other words, while incorporating a sense of the season into fashion, there is no doubt that it will be active on time!

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg