Men's leather jacket coordination with the new Leopard Western shirt as an inner

Men's leather jacket coordination with the new Leopard Western shirt as an inner

2021 A / W Men's leather jacket coordination with the new Leopard Western shirt as an inner.

2021 AUTUM / WINTER Featured item Leopard pattern.
Released a western shirt that partially uses a leopard pattern with a subdued color.

This time, we will introduce the coordination with the leather jacket BURNING DYED "JOEY" and "About American casual", which are only available at directly managed stores.

Tips for dressing ①: Choose a leopard shirt that can show its outstanding presence even if it becomes the inner of the outerwear.

Nowadays, the American casual boom is gradually coming back to the world, and the outfit that mixes American casual elements based on other tastes such as dresses as well as the royal road style gives a fresh impression.

While partially using the leopard pattern, which is a hot item this season, for the inner, the western shirt, which is full of dress elements, has an outstanding presence in the tailoring of the shirt.

What is "Amekaji" ...?

American casual is an abbreviation for American casual, and refers to clothing that emphasizes functionality that Americans have a strong sense of freedom and that they like, and how to wear it in general.

The most promising base is the men's fashion style called the American Ivy League model in 1954.
The fashion style that was widespread among students and alumni of the so-called Ivy League on the west coast of the United States became the basis of American casual. (Movie: Rebel Without a Cause and American Graffiti's worldview apply.)

That said, there are a variety of surf styles, from surf styles born from West Coast surfers' favorite outfits to surplus styles with clothing sold by the military, to college styles unique to college students. In modern times, American casual is often used as a general term for the styles listed above.

What is the impact of American casual on the present age?

American culture in the 1980s has had a major impact on fashion around the world.
In Milan, Italy, the style of Paninari, which combines Moncler down with Levi's 501 and Timberland boots, is popular.
In Japan, American casuals are all the rage, centered on a group of students from famous private high schools in the Shibuya area, and one style, Shibuya Kaji , is all the rage.

Although there are differences in fashion in each area and content of the world, what has not changed consistently is that jeans made in the United States played a leading role.

Recently, there are many fresh proposals based on American casual, and the range of dressing styles has expanded considerably.

Tips for dressing (2): To improve the American casual feeling, make a difference by using small items.

The appeal of the cap is that you can easily add a sporty impression and a sense of American casualness.

It is also called a tracker cap because it fully demonstrates its charm, and as the name suggests, it is made for truck drivers to wear, but its light fabric usage boosts the active feeling of the outfit. Ideal for.

Another thing to say is that if you match the colors with the caps, inners, and boots, you will get a sense of unity.
Even better out.

Tips for dressing ③: Realistic vintage texture and processing are now on the contrary!

Cars, watches, T- shirts, sneakers. Today, items of all ages, regardless of category, are very popular as vintage items.
Not only high-quality and rare models, but also exquisite textures that can only be experienced over time can be overpriced.

For the vintage boom, it is recommended to take in the taste firmly with jeans. Vintage denim has been widely recognized by the world for a long time, so even a design that expresses damage and faded texture that seems to have changed over time can be easily incorporated into the outfit without any discomfort.

Choose jeans that express sunburn and dirt that have been exposed to the sun for a long time while hanging on the door, and enjoy the seasonal outfits.

Enjoy Fashion!

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