"White jeans" style that is easy to match with any item and has a refreshing and mellow feel

Blue jeans are an item that everyone has, but when it comes to white, they tend to avoid it because they find it difficult to incorporate. Surprisingly, it is easy to match with any item, and you can get a refreshing impression and a feeling of mellowness at once.

What is the US type of STRUM JAENS "White" and "JOEY" this time? I will introduce.

Tips for dressing ①: Men's outfit that incorporates white jeans to create a light and active impression.

In spring and summer when the temperature is warm, I want to finish it with a refreshing and light styling rather than a coordinate that looks heavy.
White jeans can be expected to play an active role even in such cases. In particular, the outfit with darker colors on the tops and brighter colors on the bottoms, which looks like a picked-up dress, gives a sharper and more active impression.

I match it with boots to give volume to my feet, but the white of the vibram sole works here as well.

"JOEY" which inherits the only US type (American type) of STRUM ... What is the US type?

First of all, what is the difference between US type and EU type?

The US type has a silhouette that is conscious of bikers, such as the European design that was born from rock musicians, and many of them are equipped with action pleats that reduce stress on the shoulders and arms when riding a motorcycle. I am.

The biggest difference is the position of the waist belt

British motorcycles have the style of rockers and cafe racers, and are characterized by leaning forward when riding.
The EU type has a belt on the side so as not to damage the tank at that time.

On the other hand, in the American style, you often bend your body and put your hands on the front upper side, which raises your posture and does not damage the tank. Therefore, the US type has a belt attached to the front.

It's easy, but I hope you'll find it helpful when choosing a leather jacket.

Tips for dressing ②: Mode face Polka Dodd shirt and white jeans in a monotone shirt X denim

The body is basic and easy to use, and the mode face shirt is paired with white jeans to make the summer shirt X jeans outfit stylish in monotone.
The polka dot shirt has a protagonist presence with white and jeans, which are dedicated to supporting roles, and the contrast between black and white is effective. The choice of white jeans that is neither too textured nor too bad has been successful.

It is not a print but a jacquard woven dot, so it is three-dimensional, and the dot part is further dyed afterwards to achieve good color development.

The place where techniques such as a loose silhouette and unique shoulder switching are hidden is finished in an adult atmosphere.

Tips for dressing ③: Brush up your summer men's outfit with white jeans with beautiful leg silhouettes full of unique techniques.

There are a wide variety of white jeans, such as silhouettes and processing.
Not only wide legs, straight, slim and skinny, but also tapered and cropped, the impression is completely different.

This time, we chose white straight jeans named TIGHT JOE, which are processed based on black denim for both warp and weft.
Inheriting the STRUM classic back turning, it has both a beautiful leg effect and design, and the rise is improved and a sense of stability is also ◎

Brush up the summer men's outfit with white jeans to create an attractive styling while adding an adult atmosphere.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg