Coordination using American casual items that are not influenced by STRUM style trends

Coordination using American casual items that are not influenced by STRUM style trends

Cropped denim pants & Henry neck T maximize the charm of a wild man.

If you coordinate the leather jacket with jeans or work boots, you will have a style with a moderate atmosphere.

This time, we will introduce the American casual feeling, adult dress and Henry neck that are still valid today.

Tips for dressing ①: Use men's items with a sense of American casualness, but sticking to the texture is a shortcut for adult dressing.

Leather riders, jeans, work boots and everyday casual wear that can create a feeling of comfort and a man's ruggedness with work items.

The calf leather jacket, which is dyed while burning, is a "growth leather" that changes its expression depending on the person who wears it.
Jeans are made of organic virgin cotton from different countries.
Choosing logger boots made of unique wooden patterns and items that are full of insistence is a shortcut to adult dressing.

Henry neck What is ( Henley neck ) ?

It is a kind of deformed design of the round neck, and it is a neckline that has a placket up to the chest in the center of the front of the collar and can be fastened with a button or the like.

Henry is a waterway from Henry to Philis in the upper reaches of the River Thames in England, and the uniform of the player who participates in the "Royal Henry Regatta" held every July is called the Henry shirt, and its collar type. Is the origin.

Since the neckline is basically a binder specification, it is also characterized by high durability, and when you open the button on the neck, it gives a wild and masculine impression.
If you want to create a wild, masculine, or rugged atmosphere such as military or American casual, this is one of the items you definitely want to use.

Tips for dressing ②: Henry Neck T is an item that demonstrates its true value and individuality only in the inner.

The Henry Neck T has a design that can be decided even by one piece, but the inner shows its true value and individuality.

Especially if you wear it with the chest open, it goes well with a rugged dress and gives a wild and masculine impression.
At first glance, this item looks stiff and hard, and although the front side is rough with piqué, the back side is knitted flat and feels soft against the skin.
This duality is the reason why it is said to be an adult's dress.

Tips for dressing ③: Roll up the hem of the cropped pants to create plenty of eye-opening at the feet of men's outfits.

Rolling up the hem of the cropped pants ensures plenty of eye-opening.
The effect of leg length is lost, but the roughness of the logger boots that appeals to the entire surface is perfect for casual wear.

Adjusting the roll-up adjustment while checking the balance with the shoes is also effective for refreshing the styling of cropped pants, and the royal road that does not dare to rely on the technique is also attractive.

Enjoy Fashion!

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