The second leather jacket in the fall is the single riders "SLATER"

The second leather jacket in the fall is the single riders "SLATER"

The minimalist design with the decoration removed is a classic item of men's fashion that creates a sophisticated and mature atmosphere.

Riders' 2021 AUTUM / WINTER launch 2nd is "SLATER", one of STRUM's representatives with gloss, elasticity, softness and lightness.

The oil calf STL045 series, which has continued as a standard item, will be released only this time due to the strict supply of the base material with the tanner made of leather.

This time, we will introduce all-black coordination and engineer boots using "SLATER".

Tips for dressing ①: An all-black outfit for single riders that takes advantage of the minimalist design with the decoration removed.

The double zip single rider jacket with unnecessary decoration removed is a perfect item for adults who are particular about silhouettes.

Because of its simplicity, you can use various nuances for styling, depending on the items you match.
The front ZIP, which is also a feature of the "SLATER" design, is accented with Saruel shorts to create a crisp all-black outfit at your feet.

The casual bottom silhouette makes the most of the potential of a single leather jacket.

What are engineer boots?

Engineer boots originated from work boots born in the United States.
It was called engineer boots because it was popular with construction workers and surveyors.
A type of work boot that adjusts the fit with the strap attached to the shoe opening, avoiding troubles such as catching foreign objects, stepping on the shoelace, etc. that occur with shoes with shoelaces in an environment with poor footing. It is said that he was born to do so.
Therefore, there is no string around the boots, and the belt is treated from the instep to the ankle.

Features of engineer boots

For men's boots (work boots) for work, an iron or plastic cup is built in the toe part.
The height is generally 10 to 18 inches , and if it is a long object, it may reach the inseam, but it is basically made on the premise of protecting the legs. Therefore, in modern times, it is popular mainly with riders who drive motorcycles, and the more tough the environment, the deeper the taste, and the wild look can be said to be an item that upgrades masculinity.

Not limited to engineer boots, boots have a history of starting from farmers and dairy workers when they first appeared, and later deriving for specific occupations.
We will also introduce other types of work boots if we have the opportunity.

Tips for dressing ②: If you match rough and casual items with single riders, you need a gimmick for the inner

By incorporating items with different tastes, the single rider scorde in black gives a fresh impression.

Select calf suede leather shirt for the inner.
The presence of the collar gives a beautiful impression, but above all, the leather-on-leather dress has a great impact.
A gimmick is indispensable for the inner because the rough and casual bottoms are matched with the single riders.

Tips for dressing ③: Insert the Saruel pants into the coordination and update the black outfit of the single rider's jacket.

The combination of riders and engineer boots with work elements may look like a rugged work style, but the quirky inner and sarouel shorts give a refreshing impression of styling.

The more serious the outfit is, the older it may look, so don't forget to use a technique that emphasizes fashion and dispels the feeling of aptness.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg