STRUM style autumn coordination with new color leather jacket "VINCENTS"

STRUM style autumn coordination with new color leather jacket "VINCENTS"

The blue leather jacket is an item that upgrades a rugged man. Early autumn coordination using one-tone technique!

A blue item that is useful for creating a calm and mature mood, or for creating a youthful and active image.
Especially, if it is a new color of shrink horsehide, it will be more noticeable!

This time, we will introduce one- tone coordination using "VINCENTS" and RACCAGNI.

Tips for dressing ①: One-tone outfits are coordinated with items of the same color to create a sense of unity!

Dressing technique "one tone coordination" that puts the top and bottom together in the same tone
In general, tone means color tone, and the degree of brightness of a color such as bright or dark.
It is determined by the degree of saturation such as bright and dull, but in fashion, it often refers to grouping with similar colors, one color that combines the same color, and coordination of similar colors.

If you simply aim for a fresh atmosphere with an early autumn outfit, it is best to finish it in blue tone on tone.

What is RACCAGNI ?

RACCAGNI mainly used for STRUM fasteners for riders
The official name is RACCAGNI CHIUSURE LAMPO .
It is an Italian fastener manufacturer founded in 1983.
* In Italy, chiusure lampo is a word that means fastener.

It is widely used from many Maison high brands in Europe and America to cutting edge brands.

The feature is the plating finish represented by the Super series used from the debut collection in STRUM.
Glittering and brilliant, elegant colors, depth and brilliance give a sense of luxury.

It is a brand that continues to provide a wide variety of fasteners that sliders and pullers have, and demonstrates quality not only in appearance but also in quality.

Tips for dressing (2): You need an item to create a feeling of pulling out at the inner neck.

If the outer leather jacket is a single design with a collar, you can expect a clean and comfortable finish by incorporating an item that creates a feeling of pulling out at the inner neck.

Of course, I dare to match the white inner to give a fresh and refreshing impression in early autumn when the heat remains a little.

Tips for dressing ③: Jeans are indispensable for men's blue one-color coordination.

Denim jeans items such as indigo blue such as chambray are essential items that bring a refreshing image to the blue outfit and give a sense of unity!

A styling that combines the bright royal blue of shrink horsehide and damaged denim with a light and bright tone distressed finish.

The monotonousness that tends to occur in one-tone coordination is avoided by matching the black engineer at the feet and the inner tank top with black to give a tight impression.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg