White T-shirt x blue jeans, and leather jacket are men's iron plate style!

White T-shirt x blue jeans, and leather jacket are men's iron plate style!

At the start of autumn, riders start from "RAVEN"!

Riders' 2021 AUTUM / WINTER started with STRUM's representative "RAVEN", which has gloss, elasticity, softness, and lightness.

The oil calf STL045 series, which has continued as a standard item, will be released only this time due to the strict supply of the base material with the tanner made of leather.

This time, we will introduce the coordination using "RAVEN" and the unexpected origin of Riders.

Tips for dressing ①: The coordination of the leather jacket main is full zip up.

"RAVEN" is designed to make the double zip that runs vertically on the front, which is the biggest feature, stand out, the pockets are hidden, the sleeves are also zipped inside, and other parts are made as inconspicuous as possible. There is.
If you want to take advantage of this design ... Please try the full zip up.

It creates a different atmosphere, and above all, the leading role in this coordination is leather jackets!
Riders! Can be launched on the entire surface.

What is the surprising origin of the rider's jacket?

Riders jackets have a strong image of leather jackets for bikers, but in fact, there were no riders jackets in the early 20th century when motorcycles appeared. If you trace its origin, you will come to a flight jacket.

Following the successful first flight of the Wright brothers in 1903 , a button-fastened leather coat was born to protect the pilot from the cold. Long length leather coat of this double-breasted is improved in a short length so that posture is easy to take when riding a motorcycle and become in the 1930s. It is said to be the origin of the rider's jacket.

Riders at the time were completely practical , not fashionable, with a double collar to keep out cold wind and thick leather to reduce the degree of injury in the unlikely event of a fall.

What is the origin of riders as fashion?

During World War II, the United States Army Air Corps adopted a single-collared leather bomber jacket called the A-2 flight jacket made by Schott and others, and was worn by fighter jets.

Some of the veterans who ended World War II did not cool down from the excitement of the war that wandered the deadline, and could not get used to the postwar society trying to build a peaceful world.
And young people in California wore riders instead of A-2 bomber jackets, straddled large motorcycles instead of bombers, and ran around the battlefield-like city, sprinkling the roar.

It was different from the usual motorcycle riders until then, not only when riding a motorcycle, but also because I wore riders on a daily basis and the reason I used it was that the rider's jacket looked bad and cool.

The image of defects and rebellion such as masculinity and hardness, which is not far from the image of riders up to the present, has been completed.

Tips for dressing (2): Choose an inner that can add a moderate accent while emphasizing the presence of the outer.

Once you have the leather outerwear, the next thing you'll be interested in is the innerwear that matches it.

If you have one inner that can add a moderate accent while emphasizing the presence of the outer, you can raise the appeal of coordination.

Furthermore, the White Ron T, which uses carefully selected materials and is not transparent even when worn as a single piece, is easy to mix and match daily.
By adding a length of 2 cm compared to the past, it has become easier to get a more mellow feeling and balance.

It is also good that you can add an accent by pointing to a casual color that is layered with the outerwear.

Tips for dressing ③: White T- shirt x blue jeans, and leather jacket are men's iron plate style!

Speaking of the royal road of men's casual coordination, white T- shirts and blue jeans are paired with leather jacket styling.

It is one of the familiar styles in STRUM with its immovable coordination that is not influenced by trends.
Because it is a classic and simple, it is deep, and the difference is noticeable with just one detail of sizing, silhouette balance, and jeans.

The width of the hem is one of those commitments, and it is exquisite to handle both IN and OUT boots.
Even just changing the feet of the boots will expand the variety of dressing.

Enjoy Fashion!

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