CORRDINATE 2021.4.25

CORRDINATE 2021.4.25

GUNBLUE leather riders, "Spring" coordination made with "SPEEDER".

A rider's jacket with a unique profound feeling and tough appearance that tickles the man's heart. Not only the difference between double and single meetings, but also the impression given by one specification such as the presence or absence of a belt and stitch design will change greatly.

This time, we will introduce SPEEDER, which is the most popular from STRUM's masterpiece BURNING DYED series.

Spring coordination tech ①: Coordination that pushes out the processing of GUNBLUE leather jackets

The coordination that simply adjusted the silhouette so that you can see the unique unevenness of the burnt leather, which is also a feature of GUNBLUE leather jackets, is the key.

The boneiness and masculineness of the tannin tanning gives a slightly more beautiful impression than the casualness of matching the cut and sew by matching the collar: shirt item to the inner.

* This double rider dares to wear a sample that has changed over the years. It is different from the actual delivery.

Speaking of STRUM, BURNING DYED-a leather jacket that has experienced burning

SPEEDER is a model with an impressive diagonal pocket on the chest and left arm, and the joint on the back. Is born, and adopts a unique technique of extinguishing the fire and fixing the dye before the fire is transferred to the leather.

Released GUN BLUE on the SPEEDER model, which is also the face of STRUM.

Spring Coordination Tech (2): Use a technical check shirt to add a twist to your blue-tone outfit.

A blue tone outfit with a twist, set on the inner with a technical flannel shirt with a "geometric pattern" printed on the check fabric.

In the case of casual outfits, the achromatic color scheme gives a stylish impression, but on the other hand, the atmosphere tends to be relatively similar and you may not feel the novelty, but the coloring unique to the leading leather jacket is Such an image is brilliantly wiped out.

Completed a coordination with a nice twist without compromising the sophistication of adults.

Spring coordination tech ③: The bright tone coordination is tightened by the black engineer boots.

The bright tone gradation that tends to look blurry is tightened with black engineer boots.

GUNBLUE, check shirt gray, denim blue and bright colors are set with engineer boots, and masculine spice is added.

By booting the hem, the bitter feet are not too sweet and add depth to the outfit.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg