STYLING 2020.11.17

STYLING 2020.11.17

Styling using a calf skin long jacket.

The "long jacket", which has a dignified and dignified appearance and gives a strong impression of coolness, is one of the outerwear suitable for an adult man.

From STRUM, we will release and introduce a calf long jacket with tannins.

The impression of styling is uprooted by the long jacket. Therefore, it is a major premise to open the front without fastening the buttons when dressing!

An indispensable technique for dressing is to appeal the coordination inside the coat and make it look expressive.

The large cross necklace also has a strong presence in this styling.

Garment dyed calf skin long jacket with STRUM's original oil.

The texture of tannins is strong, and you can enjoy the unevenness and firmness.

The brown color is a garment dyed with two dyes without intentionally matching the degree of dyeing.
This expresses a deep shade.

The combination is expressed in black and brown for a simple yet stylish look.

A stylish brown leather coat that makes the styling look like a rugged man, while a black silk shirt accentuates the luster.

The slender biker pants act as a balancer for this styling.
When you start moving, you can glimpse from the jacket and long shirt, and the details are used to create a nice effect.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg