STYLING 2020.11.24

STYLING 2020.11.24

Styling using jogger pants.

Another bottoms "jogger pants" that gained citizenship as men's fashion after athleisure became one of the fashion trends

The bottoms are the same as the sweatpants I introduced last time, but I hope you can compare them and make use of them for styling.

"Jogger pants" are a type of pants that make your feet look beautiful with sneakers, with a tapered silhouette that gradually narrows toward your feet.

As the name implies, jogger pants are "jogging pants", but the definition is ambiguous. Depending on the manufacturer, it is often developed under the product names of "sweat pants," "rib pants," and "easy pants."

There are various materials such as sweatshirts / wool / denim / chinos.
There are a wide range of silhouettes, from straight silhouettes to tapered, skinny, and sarouel, and there are a wide variety of variations such as the presence or absence of ribs on the hem.

If it is a tapered and slender silhouette, and if it is a black color, it is better to think that there is nothing that does not fit with matching shoes ◎

This time, I finished it hard to match the leather, so I neutralized the styling with shoes between the boots with rubber sole and sneakers.

As the name suggests, jogger pants go great with running sneakers.
Whether it's running, court sneakers (tennis shoes), high-cut sneakers, and high-tech sneakers! Please try it.

Single riders dyed with terrestrial full tannin steer with beautiful grain pattern

By adding oil firmly from the tanning stage and dyeing the product with original oil, the leather jacket is elastic to the touch and has a supple yet rugged look.

The more you wear it, the softer and firmer it fits into your body, and you can enjoy the changes over time such as taste and texture.

And the casual bottoms have a "collar" to improve the sense of adulthood and fashion!
Especially this time, I chose a shirt that is more casual than work taste, so it is also a point to tighten the collar tightly.

The unsatisfactoryness is solved with a cross necklace with a strong presence.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg