STYLING 2020.11.29

STYLING 2020.11.29

Winter styling using leather jackets.

If possible, the item leather jacket you want to use in the AL season, so this time "leather jacket winter style"

It is difficult to wear a leather jacket, IN, which is often dressed in just the right size . Then, on the contrary, I will introduce the styling with leather as the inner.

Coordinate point ①: The size of the leather is just right. Oversize is required for the outer coat.

This Angora wool coat is not an extreme BIG size or drop shoulder, but it has a wide armhole so it can be layered.

It is also important for styling that the leather jacket of single riders can be seen from the outer by closing the front.

Coordinate point (2): When wearing patterned or colored items, blend in with other colors to create a sense of unity.

A technique to create contrast by daringly choosing items with contrasting tones and coloring.
The bright-toned coat can be combined with items with chic colors such as black and navy to achieve a crisp and stylish coordination.

If you want to create a strong contrast, it is recommended to adjust the number of colors within 2 to 3 colors without increasing the number of colors. If you narrow down the number of colors, you can keep the impression of a sophisticated adult!

Bonding leather with a thickness of 0.6MM and a thin finish to the limit.

By bonding the supple stretchy French lamb and the highly stretchable lining (attached directly to the leather), it is surprisingly stretchable, and its thinness, lightness, and comfort are as easy as a nylon blouson. That's right.

The stress-free comfort makes it the perfect item for outer layering and cold winters.

Coordinate point ③: Do not cut corners even for small items

By tightly closing a single leather jacket on the inner, layered ranks up, but it is undeniable that it becomes monotonous.

In such a case, if you turn on the driftwood-processed cross necklace from the top of the leather, it will be an accent, and sunglasses will also emphasize the sense of unity mentioned in point ① and choose black!

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg