STYLING 2020.12.10

STYLING 2020.12.10

Fall / winter styling made in all black.

"All black style " that tightens the outfit with an urban and cool impression, and can be worn in a wide range of styles, from aggressive styles with edgy edges to casual and dressy outfits.

This time, we will focus on the charm of black and introduce the notable dresses and points.

All Black of Kodeteku ①: black jacket × black shirt of beautiful eyes combination to + crash denim pants of the upper body

By combining a black leather jacket with a suede leather inner shirt and bringing crushed denim to it, you can create a beautiful outfit that can be attacked and defended.

The coordinating atmosphere of items that have a different taste from the bottom, but without rattling, is because the all-black monotone items are neatly organized and brushed up.

There is a casual yet elegant item that is set to handle the relationship between dressy jacket and shirt taste and naughty denim.

All-black coordination tech (2): If you want to avoid the monotony of all-black coordination, choose an item with an expression in the texture!

For coordination in cool all-black, it is important to select items that have an expression in the texture that does not make you feel the monotony that is often found in one color.

The smaller the number of colors, the more sophisticated the impression, but on the other hand, there is no lack of monotony, lack of twist, monotony, and a sense of familiarity.

To dispel such an impression, the oil calf's outer leather jacket is shaded by inserting a fine-textured suede shirt, and the texture is unusual.

The texture of the tops and the edgy damage processing give it a sharp look, giving the all-black coordination an expressive finish.

"SCARS" long-sleeved shirt with a smooth and elegant texture that does not seem to be suede

The calf is characterized by the fineness of the skin and few scratches, and by carefully papering the suede surface, it gives a delicate and elegant look.

And since the silhouette is outstandingly good, it is definitely an item that will be the main item, although it is introduced in the inner.

All-black outfit ③: Add work taste to all-black outfit with crushed denim and suede engineer boots

While linking the texture of the engineer boots of steer suede to the suede shirt, crush denim is combined to add a work taste to the outfit.

The crushed denim hem is in the boots, and the one tone that tends to stretch out is dressed with a rugged accent.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg