STYLING 2020.12.6

STYLING 2020.12.6

Autumn / winter styling using burgundy knit.

"Burgundy knit" that gives an impression of the season in autumn and exerts a tremendous color effect in winter

Although I feel the hurdles of incorporating it compared to the orthodox colors such as monotone and navy, if it succeeds, it will be possible to realize coordination with a sense.
This time, we will introduce a fashionable men's dress that incorporates burgundy knit.

Men's knit coordination technique ① : Insert a burgundy knit into a leather jacket with a collar to add brilliance to the men's coordination.

If you stick to the color and knitted fabric, you can create a feeling of mellowness that is a bit different from the sneakers!

A bright burgundy knit is put in a leather jacket with a collar.
The gorgeousness that cannot be produced with high-gauge knits is added to the color and texture.

Knit men's coordination tech ②: Color matching with contrast

A technique to create contrast by daringly choosing items with tones and coloring that contrast with burgundy.

The bright-toned burgundy knit can be combined with items with chic colors such as black and navy to achieve a crisp and stylish coordination.

If you want to create a strong contrast, it is recommended to adjust the number of colors within 2 to 3 colors without increasing the number of colors. By narrowing down the number of colors, you can keep the impression of a sophisticated adult.

Single riders with a collar from the well-established terrestrial oil calf series.

It is a single with a collar that is solid and has a strong biker element, but the leather with the tiger pattern and fine texture unique to calf enhances the feeling of adulthood.

And, by finishing with oil, it is finished with an elegant luster that is elastic, soft, moist and matte.

Men's Knit Coordination Tech ③: Incorporate trends into play and coordination with a crew neck knit with an exquisitely spacious size.

With a slightly oversized crew neck knit, it creates a loose mood like grunge and incorporates the recent trend.

The black Ron T is shown from the hem and collar to give a good impression.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg