STYLING 2020.11.5

STYLING 2020.11.5

Domestic calf skin single riders jacket and stretch wind knot jersey garment dyeing tumbler finish Sarouel shorts / black styling.

Coordination of "leather jackets and shorts" that can be challenged at this time between seasons such as autumn to winter and spring to summer.

From STRUM, we will introduce a combination of the classic terrestrial oil calf single riders and cotton shorts that can be used in all seasons.

Shorts that give a light and refreshing impression are now one of the indispensable items for men's fashion.
However, there are many people who feel resistance because they look like young people.

So I would like to propose black shorts.
Chic and urban black gives a less naughty impression and a resort feel, so even if an adult wears it, it doesn't create a floating atmosphere.

A standard model of the STRUM Riders jacket that uses domestic calf skin luxuriously.

A leather jacket with the strength and suppleness unique to chrome, and the tiger pattern and fine texture unique to calfskin.

For single riders who are particular about the material, the styling is like mixing items with different tastes from shorts, and it will be finished in a men's outfit full of stylish mood.

Sweat shorts with a soft touch and a sporty mood.
If you choose black, you won't feel like wearing a room, and it's easy to create smart styling.

A knit cardigan that creates an air forest with a nice feeling is set on the inner, and again aiming for a different material MIX.

The ALL black outfit is accented with blue sunglasses and turquoise accessories.
Boots with rubber sole sneakers are set at the feet to create a clean outfit.

Enjoy Fashion!

178cm / 55kg

Domestic calf skin Single riders jacket

Stretch Wind knot jersey Product dyeing Tumbler finish Saruel Shorts / Black

30 / -Natural soft Tianzhu Long T- shirt / Black

Wool Nylon Sheep Pile Cardigan / Black

Session by STRUM Special Order Sunglasses / Clear Blue

Cotton bandana / turquoise x white

New Zealand Lamb Full Vegetable Tannins Grinning Double Riders Boots