Regarding advance reservation

* About pre-ordered products

* Regarding delivery date
We will manufacture it on the delivery date stated in each pre-order item description.
Please note that this item will not be shipped immediately after your order is placed.

* Regarding payment method
We accept only "credit card payment", "PayPal" and "bank transfer" as payment methods.
When making a reservation, you can select "half price payment" or "full price payment" from the product options.

* Regarding payment time
In the case of "credit card payment", the reservation will be completed after the order is completed, and in the case of "bank transfer", the reservation will be completed when the transfer is confirmed. (In principle, please transfer within 7 days of ordering, by 15:00 on the next business day of the last day of the reservation period)
Customers who make a reservation with "half price payment" will be shipped by "cash on delivery for the remaining half price" after the product is completed. (Cash on delivery fee will be borne by the customer)

* About free shipping service
If you make a reservation for a product with a product price of 30,000 yen or more, the free shipping service will be applied even if you make a half-price reservation.

* Regarding cancellation
We do not accept any cancellations or refunds for customer convenience regarding orders for which reservations have been confirmed.

* Regarding receipt
If you make a reservation with "half price payment" and you do not receive it within 3 months after notifying you of the completion of the product, we will cancel it and we will not refund the reservation fee you have kept. Please understand.

* Regarding custom orders
For leather wear, we can adjust the sleeve length and length based on each size.
When ordering, please enter "Length minus 2 cm" etc. in the "Remarks" column.

* Regarding full custom
For leather wear, if you pay the pattern fee separately (about 30,000 to 50,000 yen), we will manufacture leather wear that fits your body with full custom including shoulder width, width of the body, armholes, etc.
If you wish, please contact us by email or phone.