Collection: How to store leather jackets: What should not be done?

As the rainy season begins and the days get hotter, it is time to put away your leather jacket. I think you may be thinking, "It's time to put away my leather jacket. In this page, we will tell you how to store your leather jacketwhat you should never do when storing it, from the perspective of a professional who has been working with leather jackets for more than 20 years, touching and processing leather every day.

Things to keep in mind when storing your jacket

First of all, there are three major things you must be absolutely careful about when storing your leather jacket, There are three major things to keep in mind when storing your leather jacket. There are three major things to keep in mind when storing your leather jacket.

They are

Moisture, dryness, and ultraviolet rays UV rays.

Please see below for a detailed explanation of each of these factors.

Be careful of moisture! The most serious enemy of leather jackets is "mildew

Reasons why leather jackets are susceptible to mold

Compared to cotton and wool, leather jackets are relatively easy to get moldy.

The main components of leather, such as protein and oil, are food for mold, and the high temperature and humidity characteristic of the Japanese climate also contribute to the growth of mold.

Because of these two conditions, leather jackets are more susceptible to mold than other materials.

What happens when mold grows?

Once mold grows, it is certain that Roots of mold fungus and even after the mold has been removed by taking care of it, it will grow back in the same place if the environment is not good enough.

Even if mold is removed by a professional, it will often grow back from the same place if the storage environment is poor afterwards.

How to prevent mold from growing?

So what can be done to prevent mold from growing?
The following are the main measures that can be taken.

■ Wear regularly

The most dangerous situation for mold growth is when it remains in the closet for 3 or 4 months, all the time.

By wearing it regularly, it will be exposed to the outside air and mold growth can be suppressed.

■Clean the "dirt" and "dust" that can cause mold before putting it away.

Once a month, before putting it away, brush it thoroughly and wipe it with a tightly wrung towel, then dry it in a shady, well-ventilated place.

■Is it right to apply oil before putting it away?

Generally, you may hear people talk about applying oil before storing, but from a STRUM designer's point of view, oil is a no-no. Because in Japan's humid environment, oil is not a good idea.

Because of the humid environment in Japan, Oil is a nourishment for mold. and it can cause mold to grow. Storing your jacket with oil for a long period of time in a humid environment such as a closet is dangerous for your jacket.

STRUM designers recommend that you clean your jacket of dirt and dust, store it, and apply oil to it when the time comes to wear it again.

Some people recommend applying oil once a week or once a month, but from STRUM's point of view, it is enough to apply oil when the surface becomes a little dry.

The correct way to cover the oil is not to cover it with a plastic bag when storing it away.

Plastic bags are used to prevent stains, and they do not allow moisture or air to pass through.

When storing in a closet, we recommend that you cover your clothes with a non-woven fabric cover or the like.

Summary of mold

It is possible to prevent the growth of mold by avoiding excessive oiling before storage and by taking them out of the closet at least once a month, brushing them, wiping them with a tightly wrung towel, and drying them in the shade.

Furthermore, while it is in the closet, you can keep it in even better condition by covering it with a non-woven wardrobe.

Moisture retention is vital for leather jackets! How to keep it dry?

Be careful of the wind from the air conditioner! It is not safe outside the closet.

Summer is the time to put away your leather jacket.
Summer is the time for air-conditioning, but it is not a good idea to leave your leather jacket in a place where it is directly exposed to air-conditioner breezes.

The wind from the air conditioner will cause the leather to lose moisture and become dry.

What if it gets wet in the rain, etc.?

Some people use a hair dryer to dry the leather after it has been wet by rain, etc. However, if the leather is exposed to hot air for a long time, the oil will be lost.

Also, leather is weak against heat and shrinks.

If you dry it with heat after it is wet, it will shrink and if you apply more heat, it will become "hardened" and the leather will be in a dead state.

If the leather has been wetted by rain, etc., it should be dried naturally in the shade, We recommend that you dry it naturally in the shade. We recommend that you let it dry naturally in the shade.

Ultraviolet rays are harmful! Be careful where you store it.

Keeping your leather jacket in a room instead of in a closet is a good way to store it, but do not leave it in the same environment in the sun all the time.

However, do not leave it in the sun all the time. It may cause the color to fade on one side, or cause discoloration or fading.

This is not so noticeable on black leather jackets, but care should be taken especially with colored leather jackets.

Extra: How should I take care of the lining?

Most leather jackets are lined with cotton or polyester, so we recommend turning the jacket inside out, wiping off as much dirt as possible from the lining with a tightly wrung towel, and drying it in the shade.

Since disinfectant and deodorant sprays do not remove stains, the fundamental solution is to send the jacket to a leather cleaning service.

Last but not least

The most important factors to keep in mind when storing your leather jacket are moisture, dryness, and ultraviolet rays, Humidity, dryness, and ultraviolet rays I have mentioned about moisture, dryness, and ultraviolet rays, which are important when storing your leather jacket.

If you store your leather jacket with these precautions in mind, you will be able to wear your precious leather jacket in good condition.