Collection: One's Own Aging - Leather Jacket Aging

The more you wear it, the more it grows into your own unique leather jacket.

We would like to preserve the "change over time" of everyone at STRUMMER in a tangible form.

  • Please bring your STRUM leather jacket to FLAGSHIP SHOP (directly-managed store).
  • We will be happy to take pictures of your leather jacket as it ages.
  • Please fill out a short questionnaire.
  • We will post it on this page.
  • 500 points will be given to those who participate. Registration required.
着用歴 / 2 years
2022-23 A/W
I fell in love with the bright BURGUNDY color at first sight and ordered a men's size 2:XS.
This is my favorite leather jacket that I always wear when the occasion calls for it.
I love the wrinkles on my arms and the bites on my wrists.
Thank you very much.
Red is a part of me
着用歴 / 2 years
2022 S/S
It has become quite austere looking.
Is it because I started riding my motorcycle and getting more sun exposure?
The color has come off in places, creating a nice contrast.
It will be my partner with whom I will spend wonderful days in the future.
着用歴 / 4 years
KAWANO Anniv 70th Model Only
I fell in love at first sight with the special customization that Kazuo had done to commemorate KAWANO's 70th anniversary, and I really wanted one, so I remember going to Shinjuku to buy just this one, just in time for the store opening, and riding the train home after 5 minutes of shopping. I think the studded sense of style is beautiful and truly artistic.
I think Kazuo is a real designer and artist who is concerned about the invisible details that only the wearer can see. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future.
Fumito Nishimura
着用歴 / 2 years
2021 S/S
I fell in love with STRUM, and this is the second collared single rider leather jacket I have purchased.
This is the first time I have purchased a STRUM-like burning-dye product.
I was like, "Burning a leather jacket...?"
At first, that phrase didn't give me any image at all, and I repeated "trial and error" over and over again looking at STRUM's website to find out what kind of product it was.
But when I tried it on, I could see that the uneven burnt pattern was indescribable, and it was very cool.
Depending on the day, the leather jacket's "shape, form, and even the shade of color" can change. ‼️
I especially like the back of the jacket, not the front. I think the designer Mr. Kuwabara said that. I think the "burnt unevenness" that spreads irregularly on the back is what I like the most.
When I walk around town wearing the Burning Dye, I can hear the sound of the two lacquered zippers hitting each other, and it gives me a little sense of status and a faint feeling of bliss to say, "I'm wearing a STRUM-like leather jacket...". I'M A STRUM.
"I wonder what kind of leather jacket I'm going to meet in the future..."
This is my precious piece of leather jacket that became a "trigger" for me to keep seeking my own "one and only" leather jacket from STRUM in the future.
STRUM Staff Iwashimizu
着用歴 / 3 years and 1 month
2021 S/S
It has gone from a bright burgundy color to pale around the shoulders/collar area since it is often worn during the day.
After three years, it has become a nice, calm color.
It is a JOEY that still has a lot of growing up to do.
GUITARIST Tatsuya Kida
着用歴 / 7 months
2023 S/S
This is the first long john type in my life.
As soon as I bought it, I wore it to help Zodiac works close its business, and the color started fading as soon as I got hit by the rain.
I have a bad habit of wanting to wear it as soon as I buy it.
I thought it might turn into a white leather jacket, so I wore it in my room, wore outerwear over it to keep it out of the sun as much as possible, and wore it with white riders every day, but for a short time, it grew back.
I had to touch it around to darken the color as much as possible, so it became very soft with a lot of animal kidawax (hand fat).
Mr. Beer will continue to spend time with us with No Fishing and No turkey wheel so as not to give him too much love and affection.
I am very much looking forward to this one, too, as I have ordered a pair of black riders for my third pair.
Fumito Nishimura
着用歴 / 8 months
2023 S/S
This is the third "OVER ROAD Double Riders Jacket Burning dyed, BEER GREEN" leather jacket I have purchased.
It was the first time in my life that I purchased a double jacket, and I was very excited and nervous.
I have strong feelings about this purchase of BEER GREEN.
I watched "YOUTUBE STRUM CHANNEL" every day, at least once a day, and watched the designer, Mr. Kuwabara, wearing Via Green over and over again, repeating the process of trial and error.
I also took screenshots of the beer green collection and wondered what it would look like if I wore it..." I kept imagining and imagining, and before I knew it, I had spent half a year before I made the purchase.
On the day of purchase, I waited in front of STRUM's store 30 minutes before it opened with a high heart, and when I entered the store and looked at the beer green, I felt as if my heart was "gently" touched by the beauty and vividness of the color and the "tenderness" that the leather jacket exuded, a tender feeling that words cannot describe. ...
I immediately tried it on after purchasing it, and the leather is soft and fits well to my body. Usually leather jackets poke in various places on the body, causing stress to the body, but the shoulders are very comfortable, and the whole body is non-stressful as if I were wearing a jersey!
It is so comfortable to wear that you can even drive a car while wearing the beer green.
Also, the overall color of the jacket is like a stained glass window, and I smile every day when I see the gradation changing from day to day.
It was not at all a case of "I don't look good in a double rider," it was just my wrong preconceived notion that I had made up my mind.
I'm proud to be a strummer. I'm proud to be a STRUMMER and I don't care what people say, it's a challenge, it's about being yourself..."
I strongly hope to continue to improve myself with the help of STRUM.
着用歴 / 3 years
2021 S/S
I was very happy to be able to get a gun blue speeder, which I had always wanted.
Every time I wear it, my friends compliment me saying, "You wear a nice leather jacket.
Every time it changes over time, it makes me strongly feel that "this is my leather jacket".
Kazuki Kuwahara
着用歴 / 10 years
2013-14 A/W
The "Studded Riders" made 10 years ago at the time of our debut collection.
Not only the atmosphere of 10 years of wear, but also the many thoughts and feelings of STRUM over the past 10 years.
You look good.
We have been waiting for a long time, but we believe that the reprinted version, which we made with all our hearts, has arrived at your hands.
I look forward to seeing "Studded Riders" dyed in your colors for the next 10 years.
Thank you for always supporting us.
着用歴 / 2 years
2021 S/S
It caught my eye when I saw it for the first time at an exhibition.
I fell in love with the design at first sight, so I made a reservation and purchased it.
Tomoya Ota
着用歴 / 1 year
2022-23 A/W
The novelty of burning a leather jacket, and the unevenness that results from the burning process, is unique and superb.
Also, the smell.
This leather jacket is the best.
着用歴 / 3 years
2014-15 A/W
It is the first STRUM leather jacket that I have ever owned. It is made of white-tanned raw kip leather, and even though it is product-dyed leather, it is tanned with a unique wax, so it is very supple, and it becomes softer and softer as you wear it, and it fits your body, and the jet black color deepens and becomes shiny. It is my favorite because of its excellent aging texture.
It is very easy to wear even though it is tight because of its elasticity and chewy feel in its base state.
STRUM's original pyramid cross studs made of 925 silver are struck on the left back.
I also decided to wear it for the rest of my life and put a badge I got from a charity donation to prevent the spread of the corona disaster.
It was a dark and stormy night...
着用歴 / 3 years
2019 S/S
At first, it is so firm that it stands upright. I was able to finish the calf by hand for several tens of minutes to make it soft enough to wear, and it was delivered to me. My first impression was that it took a lot of time and effort to grow the calf, which was totally different from the usual soft calf from the beginning. So I started wearing it as a loungewear at home, and as I spent a lot of time with it, the arm wrinkles were carved and creases appeared in various other places, and it became soft as it adapted to my body and took its own shape. Simple is Best", it has a rugged and graceful coolness, and I think of it as my own personal piece of clothing. Oh, and by the way, I sleep in it too (lol). ❗
Kazuki Kuwahara
着用歴 / 7 years
2016-17 A/W
This is the first time I presented Burning Dye. It was dyed black with a little red, and then burn-dyed.
It is one of the most memorable pieces that I dyed while discussing with the craftsman about what was right and what was wrong.
The base material is also from a tannery that has now disappeared, and it reminds me of that time in many ways.
Since we make new things one after another, I often give my old leather jackets to the next generation, but I can't let go of this one, and sometimes I put my sleeves on it.
TRUSS BOX Yosuke Ito
着用歴 / 7 years
2015-16 A/W
The designer, Mr. Kuwabara, and I are of the same generation, and we are both passionate about American casual wear and military wear.
That may be why, when I saw this jacket for the first time, I intuitively felt that the creator knew exactly what he was doing.
The size and the knit ribs are like a flight jacket, but different... It looks like old clothes, but it's easy to wear... It's a completely original strum jacket that should go well with chinos, but is definitely denim.
A leather jacket made by a man who has lived through the same era.
It's a standard item every year for a lifetime.
Masanobu Yada
着用歴 / 4 years
2019-20 A/W
I was 54 years old when I bought it, so I honestly thought I would never wear a leather jacket again, but I had been friends with Kuwabara, the designer, since he was 26 years old! I bought it. Now, little by little, it has grown on me. I am sure he will be my partner even when I am in my 70s and until I die.
着用歴 / 5 years
2018 S/S
STRUM Women's When this rider by Lucinda came out, I absolutely wanted it! I bought it. The lamb leather is supple and BLACK, and fits my size perfectly, so I can wear it anytime and any day. The creases on the arms are my pride and joy. I love the red lining.
着用歴 / 6 years
2017-18 A/W
The blackened collar, the scratches all over
are great, and I love the rusty double zips
I often put my hands in the pockets, so they're wrinkled and very reluctant
I plan to wear it a lot more, so I'm looking forward to it changing even more!
Fumito Nishimura
着用歴 / 2 years
2021-22 A/W
It was my first experience with STRUM, and it is one of the most memorable pieces of clothing I have ever owned.
The first time I saw a blue leather jacket, it looked so beautiful to my eyes that I immediately went to STRUM and bought it.
Now, after some time has passed, the arbor hole is firmly in the shape of my arm, the unique grain of the horse has become even stronger, it looks very cool and manly, and the luster is still shining without fading.
If you are looking for a "one and only" leather jacket, STRUM
is the right word!
着用歴 / 1 year
2021-22 A/W
This is one of the first pieces I purchased from Strum.
I like its unique texture.
I also like the fact that it is oversized, so I can wear it with any type of innerwear, and it will last through the winter.
I think the charm of Strum is that they have not only riders, but also many other classy items like this.
Please keep up the good work and keep us updated on your new items.
着用歴 / 1 year
2022 S/S
What's mine is mine.
When I wake up, I stand in the kitchen and make coffee
I light my cigarettes slowly and evenly
To the fragrant smoke and purple smoke
The gears in my cramped brain rev up
All of these
become an important routine that stirs my soul.
For me
wearing a leather jacket is no exception
I enjoy the change in expression
It's an exploration into myself
Simplicity is the deepest
messy life
and the mind that goes round and round
Simplicity is in tune
What's yours is yours
Hey, you know.
I've been wearing it for about a year, but the tension has dissipated and I'm starting to get cocky.
The smoky scent that has seeped in.
The strongest leather jacket that has experienced dirt, rain, wind, women, men, and everything in between.
I wonder if he will look different once he gets over the scorching heat wave.
It is a man's role to notice the small changes, isn't it?
So, so long.
Ryo Yamaoka
着用歴 / 1.5 years
2021-22 A/W
This is the first STRUM rider I have ever owned. It is a good partner that I can wear anytime and always get into the spirit. I also really like the unique smell of the shrink hose.
I think STRUM is the one and only brand that combines masculinity, elegance, and stylishness. I will continue to support them!
Tetsuya Takahashi
着用歴 / 1 year
2022 S/S
Now, the #1 partner!
I wear it at all times.
I look forward to every season.
It amazes me every time.
着用歴 / 4 months
2021-22 A/W
I have only ever bought blue riders and have been waiting for a release in shrink horse, which STRUM is known for, but when it was finally released, I bought it immediately.
I really look forward to each collection.
着用歴 / 4 years
2019-20 A/W
When the cardboard arrived at Karaln's and I opened the box and saw the colors, I couldn't help but think, "I want it, I'll buy it." When I opened the box and saw the color, I thought to myself, "I want it, I'll buy it.
着用歴 / 4 months
2018 S/S
This is the first new leather jacket I bought in my life.
Until I bought this jacket, I was wearing a schott 618 that was given to me when I was a teenager, but I wanted a stylish leather jacket, so I tried on STRUM, which I had been interested in for a long time.
It was a big decision and a lot of money for 24-year-old me, but "stylish American jacket" was my ideal, so I gave her away for the first time I put on STRUM sleeves.
It was a little old model, so it had been hanging for a long time, so I felt like it had been waiting for me to get it.
I wear it almost every day, and when it is chilly in the room, I put it on and sometimes sleep with it on, so I am happy to see the taste of it coming out even though it is only 4 months old. On the front, there are stains from shabu-shabu and coffee spills.
There is also a stain on the back from when I wore it while my hair was still wet after a bath. (I have long hair.) There are also sweat stains from when I was sweating a lot during a music video shoot, and just looking at the stains brings back memories of that time.
I sewed STRUM's iconic terry pickguard silver onto the epaulettes myself and had the Chrono925 (store of purchase) stamped on them, and I am only slightly customizing them.
It is the best leather jacket to which I can offer my passionate love that burns up from my heart (BURN UP). Now that I have the supreme American jacket type, I am thinking of buying a long jacket type for my second STRUM ^
Thank you STRUM for giving birth to the best companion who will walk with me for the rest of my life. Please keep producing one-of-a-kind and supreme leather jackets! 🤘
着用歴 / 6 months
Regular item
I like the scratches, texture, gloss, wrinkles on the arms, and how the lower belt hangs down.
着用歴 / 5 months
2022-23 A/W
I bought it because I fell in love at first sight with the designer standing in the ruins in the PV of 22A/W REPLICANT.
I love the scratches on the seam.
I haven't been able to wear it yet, but I want to try my best so that people will say I look cool in it.
Masashi Obayashi
着用歴 / 4 years
2019 S/S
I own countless leather jackets, but this one is one of my favorites.
I love the silhouette, the color bleeding, and the design, and I wear it all year round, regardless of the season.
It's like a reflection of how I've lived my life.
It is my one and only partner.
I am often asked "Which brand is it? I am often asked "Which brand is it?
It's my opinion, but if you like leather, it's worth trying it on at least once.
STRUM is good.
着用歴 / 1.5 years
2021-22 A/W
I have a habit of brushing my teeth before I go out, after all the cool stuff is done.
I don't know if the way I brush is messy...I have
TOOTHPASTE-DYED on this leather jacket.
However, I don't mind it at all because I share Mr. Kazuo's philosophy on leather jackets very much.
Please continue to accelerate your BPM and keep on blowing things up.
It is said that the younger generation no longer wears leather jackets, jeans, and boots, but as someone who wears them, I hope I can help spread the appeal of STRUM and get them involved.
RYOCK 'n' RYOLL !!!!!!!
着用歴 / 1 year
2021-22 A/W
Because it's cool!
Keep up the cool leather!
Osamu Sekine
着用歴 / 1 year
2022 S/S
I wear it with the chin strap closed because I ride my bike on cold days.
The back of the collar is tan and I like it.
This is the first time I bought it, so episodes are coming.
Danoy Mathieu
着用歴 / 11 weeks
2021 S/S
STRUM's first leather jacket. This is where my STRUM collection started.
I like the contrast between the faded parts and the darker parts the best.
Whenever I wear it, I am always asked "Where is this leather jacket from? I am always happy to be asked "Where is this leather jacket from?
着用歴 / 1 year and 6 months
2021-22 A/W
I like that it is classy but masculine in places.
I look forward to more cool leathers in the future!
Yohei Noro
着用歴 / 1 year
2022 S/S
This is my first proper rider's as a gift from my fashion-conscious wife.
I am particular about the slimness of the sleeve tube, and it is the ideal slimness. The body is also tight but strangely not painful, fitting snugly to the body and comfortable to wear.
I also like that it is simple and sophisticated.
着用歴 / 6 months
2021 S/S
I like the richness of the colors and the fading of the undertones.
Looking forward to new BurningDyed and 10th anniversary events in the future.
着用歴 / 3 years
2019 S/S
I bought the last one at STRUM's own store.
size S. I tried it on to see if I could wear it and now I'm wearing it.
I love the color and texture.
着用歴 / 3 years
2020-21 A/W
I like the burgundy color.
I would like to get a BurningDyed bag.
Takashi Hanzawa
着用歴 / 4 months
2022-23 A/W
I like the fact that the glove attaches to the Velcro on the right chest for convenience.
着用歴 / 8 years
2013-14 AW
I was given this one-of-a-kind rider's by Kwahara with only half a year left in 2014 when I took on the challenge of making a living by playing drums.
In order to compete with the iron jacket to be worn on all the remaining stages, I had to put studs on it.
I put several hundred rounds of studs into it.
On the back is the name of my family.
Lame or not, this is the only choice to answer to KWAHARA's spirit.
Six years have passed since then.
The Stram Riders, full of studs, sits in the closet with the Tekijan, as if it has done its job.
Now that I'm an old man, I still want to wear it, so I painted the studs black, and now it has a nice adult look.
It's not a bad idea to start wearing it again now.
I still wear it when I ride my motorcycle with my family name on the back.
Most of it is covered in sweat, cigarettes, and spilled alcohol at live music clubs.
Toshiyuki Horie
着用歴 / 1 year and 4 months
2021-22 A/W
My first leather jacket is this SPEEDER.
I ordered a size L at the order meeting and customized the length +2cm/sleeve length +4cm.
I am very satisfied with this jacket because I could not find a leather jacket that fits my body shape until now.
I feel attached to the three-dimensional shape of the arms and the wrinkles.
着用歴 / 1 year and 2 months
2021-22 A/W
The grain of the leather is different on each piece.
The leather is tight but very easy to wear and I love the luster of the hose.
Please continue to make the best leather jackets.