One's Own Aging page is now open!

One's Own Aging page is now open!
The more you wear it, the more it grows into your own unique leather jacket.
We want to preserve the "change over time" of our STRUMMERs in a tangible form.

We have opened a new page "One's Own Aging" to introduce the "aging" of STRUMMER's leather jackets.

We introduce the leather jackets that have shared their lives with us one by one with warm comments.

Please take a look.

We are always looking for your own leather jackets that have changed over the years.

If you would like to have your jacket featured on the site, please see below and visit our directly-managed stores.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Please bring your STRUM leather jacket to FLAGSHIP SHOP (directly-managed store).
  • We will take pictures of your jacket as it ages.
  • Please answer a simple questionnaire.
  • We will post it on this page.
  • We will give 500 points to those who participate. Registration is required.