Tailored vests are released to achieve a mode layered style!

Tailored vests are released to achieve a mode layered style!

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

A tailored vest with a dressy mood that enhances your coordination. This item can be worn as an inner layer or over a T-shirt or shirt to add a twist to a simple outfit and create a mode layered style.

This time, we would like to introduce a new item from 2024 S/S, tailored vest in rayon linen with exquisite fall and luster! Tailored vest in rayon linen with a superbly relaxed and shiny feel!

Coordination 1: Create a unified look while blending the vest and innerwear in the same color.

Just by adding a vest to your outfit, you can create a more sophisticated look, which is why it should be actively adopted this season as well. With a wide range of style options, including dress, casual, and sporty, this is an item that should be wisely adopted by those who can determine the vest that best suits their personal tastes.
Vests are often seen as a difficult item of clothing. If you want to blend in with the styling without feeling uncomfortable, it is a good idea to combine thevest and innerwear in the same color. If you are a vest beginner, especially if you use black, you can easily balance the overall look and create a sense of unity.

If you choose the same color for the vest and innerwear, you should choose bright, used jeans for the bottoms to give a sense of the season. The tops are made of a material that has a sense of falling down, creating a mode atmosphere, while the bottoms add a casual feel, completing a mismatched coordinate. The moderate loose silhouette also creates a nice relaxed and mature look.

Coordination 2: The ash-colored vest breaks through the heavy winter look.

I want to wear the new vest as soon as possible! However, it is not practical to use this tailored vest as outerwear in this season. In such a case, it is possible to use the vest as an innerwear and coexist with winter items because it is a vest.

Dark-colored coats, a staple color of autumn and winter outerwear, are warm and very useful items, but they tend to make the entire coordinate look heavy. In such a case, the use of innerwear is the key.

Unlike other coats, the suede long coat RUST has an open chest area even when the buttons are closed, so choosing a white top in particular has the effect of preventing it from looking too heavy.
In this case, we chose to layer an ash-colored vest and a white shirt as an inner layer.
As shown in Coordinates 1), the layers are in the same color to avoid the heavy look of a long coat, which tends to be a problem when using a vest at once.

Enjoy Fashion!

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